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Strictly Come Dancing, Week 9: The Fittest Swingers in Town!

The Magnificent Se-Ven left and there's a rowdy lot in for them tonight! Tess looks nice but I dunno, sometimes it looks like they've taken bit of random scrap material, wrapped it round her and stapled it. I'm just sayin' - I know these high profile designers charge a lot for that: I'd do it for a backstage pass.

Brenita up first, their cha cha to Uptown Girl is perfect for them. Lady Anita quite sedate but her smile has lit up the room, a very creditable, confident performance with good timing, did very well with a lot of basic cha cha steps for a well placed routine. Len - commends Brendan, great routine, full of content, coped well, showed personality, straighten legs for more hip action; Alesha - a little messy in places, didn't embody the dance through your body, cute, pleasant, lot of basic steps; Bruno - the uptown girl doesn't mind a bit of grease, still plenty of fuel in the tank, bright, lively, great variety of steps, Brendan goes with everything, really enjoyed it; Craig - lacked pressure on the floor, lack of sharpness in finishes, no true dynamic but fantastic turns, absolutely brilliant. Score: 7/8/7/8 = 30 a good score. Message from Robin to say how overwhelmingly proud he is of her!

Artolly foxtrot with a big, lusty entrance, Mama Knows Best the song and it's a foxy, power driven, sexy foxtrot. Erm, I actually prefer a floaty romantic one to a song I know but still, she performed it very well. Alesha - seductive, demure, alluring, song worked, totally owned it; Bruno - sassy teaser, Gypsy Rose Lee let me entertain you, side by side breathtaking, sexy, hot; Craig - extremely concerned when the music cranked up but fantastic, well done; Len - I was a bit of a funkateer, the foxtrot you did was good, I did like it - but your eyes are looking at one thing and your ears are taking in something else (he's talking about the music's effect on him and that's how I felt with Pashee's foxtrot) I'm a Timex in a digital age! Score: 8/8/9/9 = 34

Aleames charleston was so completely them all over! Proper old time feel, cheeky and fun, could have been a little sharper, there was one little mistime but she did everything asked of her - and so much confidence! Charming routine! Bruno - the Funny Girl, good old days vaudeville feel, loved the goofyness, lost timing a couple of times, great to see the funny side of you; Craig - major step backwards this tonight, lack of swivel, precision and finishes, you didn't understand the nature of the dance, mediocre *boos* Len - fun and entertaining, enjoyable to watch, just lacking the detail; Alesha - quirky, sweet and funny, made for you, you've developed a great partnership, I look forward to you every week. Score: 6/7/8/8 = 29 seems a bit harsh.

Robbiola samba to You Sexy Thing and to be honest, we've seen the same grinding moves in every Latin dance he's done. The samba steps he did weren't bad, the bounce a bit exaggerated, but the stripping off gimmick I can do without now (down to footie shorts and socks); the others are giving me more with their clothes on. Craig - bounce way too exaggerated but was at least there, fingers belong in a ten pin bowling ball, mostly rectified, the gratuitous inane reveal to no avail, in-essential; Len - a shamba, there was a lot of good content, then you get possessed by Match of the Day - just dance! Alesha - love that you're relaxed and having fun, some nice moments, entertaining; Bruno - an interesting look, wasn't the lightest samba, a kangaroo with lead feet but you tried. You can always go stripping. Score: 5/7/7/6 =25

Pashee - Argentine Tango and another confident solo start, full of excellent, sharp and precise well performed content, great lifts, full of drama, maybe lacking the steaminess we expect but then, they set us up to look for the Pashan, didn't they! Len - good but act the dance more, no intensity, loved it though, best dance so far; Alesha - technically very strong, dynamic, sharp, executed very well, lose your inhibitions, excellent job; goody goody little girl, the footwork, the intricacy, well executed, great shapes, I loved it but be badder; Craig - The A frame was missing but coped well with a high level of difficulty - work on that frame if you do it again because it was fabulous! Score: 8/9/9/9 = 35

Jastina charleston is fabulous! There's the detail, crisp, great musicality, personality, sophisticated rather than goofy but great fun and very, very good technically - and only one teensy little bit of mis-timing, quickly caught up! Bruno - Ahhhhh! High energy, exuberance, slapstick, expression, no-one can accuse you of using Botox. Flying! Craig - willing it to be perfect but disastrous kick section. A Charleston! Len - truly fabulous, well done; Alesha - loved the character, the energy, the routine, it was fun. Score: 9/9/9/9 = 36

Harriona quickstep. One word: FINALLY! If ever there was a dance that would turn me on to someone after 9 weeks, this quickstep was it! Everything I love was here - timing, musicality, the sway, stunning routine making the most of every nuance in the music, brilliant non stop dancing all the way through - and possibly the quickest, trickiest footwork we've ever seen! Ali -luyah! Craig - you have a lazy left foot *Bruce: You'll have my lazy right foot in a minute* by that I mean it's oddly and strangely sickled and pigeon toed - but that's all I could find wrong with it; Len - posture, lovely movement, you've got the sway - highest I've given you is an 8, you might make it 9 tonight! Alesha - Outstanding; Bruno - tremendous assurance, quality of detail, elegant, moving beautifully, can sway away with anyone, superb! Score: 9/10/10/10 = 39 well deserved. And a bit cruel to have the Swingthon straight after, although at least he's well warmed up!

The Swingathon and I've no arguments with the judges order: Ps: 7 to Harriona, majorly on it, as Craig said, they had the stamina, athleticism, everything on time, great, which is what I saw, along with nifty footwork and terrific lifts; 6 to Pashee, again with plenty of exuberance although her footwork looked a little dodgy in places, beating Aleames to 5 who had a big lift and variation of steps; 4 to Jastina who tried manfully to recapture is jive but captured the mistakes and loss of timing again sadly, or they'd have got 6 for their content I'm sure; 3 to Artolly their good jive content but lacking in fluidity of movement (from the limited view I had of them all) 2 to Brenita for good content again but lacking the full-on-ness of the others and 1 to Robbiola because they didn't do enough to stand out from the rest, according to Alesha. To be fair, they didn't get much time!

The leaderboard:
Harriona 39 + 7 = 46 = 7
Pashee 35 + 6 = 41 = 6
Jastina 36 + 4 = 40 = 5
Artolly 34 +3 = 37 = 4
Aleames 29 + 5 = 34 = 3
Brenita 30 + 2 = 32 = 2
Robbiola 25 + 1 = 26 = 1

Aleames the winners from the Swingathon, moving up one place; Jastina drop down one - and with no draws on the board, that's bad news for Artolly, Brenita and possibly Robbiola! Aleames have been lower before and saved; I'm assuming their charleston will be enough to take them above Artolly.

My Ranking of Enjoyability: Harriona; Jastina; Pashee; Aleames; Brenita; Artolly; Robbiola.

Results tonight at 7.25pm, see the BBC Website to keep up with all the highlight, pictures and gossip!

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