Saturday, 12 November 2011

Strictly Come Dancing, Week 7: Jangles and Bling

And Tess is wearing a dress by Noisette de Quality Street tonight ... proper dress of the night goes to Flavia.

Aleames jive to River Deep Mountain High and what she lacked in technique she made up for in energy, enthusiasm and joy in the dance. Fab song to get everyone going, I'm overlooking the missed pass and wrong step. Len - you've blossomed, busted out all over, so full of verve and gusto, terrific; Alesha - energy fantastic, just refine, a joy to watch; Bruno - Oh, yes, bring on the fun, enthusiasm, bright, lively, missed pass, wrong foot but so much fun with you; Craig - the effigy a remarkable likeness of James, extremely confident performance but point your toes. Score: 7/8/8/8 = 31

Robbiola American Smooth to Sway is lovely, romantic, charming and musical but his spinning feet did make me laugh, they were so quick! Alesha - great use of steps, great lifts; Bruno - smooth operator, variety, you can sway both ways, elements of Latin, isn't that true Ola? *Er, yes, eyes to camera* says Ola, bemused. Craig - beautiful arm placement, mix of styles fantastic, whole routine rather good. Len - great once you got cracking, getting better and better. Score: 7/8/8/8 = 31

Audalie cha cha to Uptight, great rhythm as ever but really needed to drive and attack it this week, just too casual and quiet, he got the routine but needed to sell it. Bruno - no timing or precision, great personality, needed to be sharper and cleaner; Craig - leaden, heavy, not your finest; Len - only way you;re going to Wembley is on the Jubilee line (didn't mean it cruelly) timing and rhythm good, did your best; Alesha - exposed you, working hard but didn't suit. Score: 3/6/6/5 = 20 sadly, I don't think it'll be 4th time lucky.

Harriona Argentine Tango and going by the training vid, the other McFlys are so up for doing this next year. Serious, intense Harry was made for this - will be in trouble with the missus again, I think. Strong and manly, felt a little rushed in places and not particularly intimate, AT normally makes you feel like a voyeur, but, very well done. Craig - authority, dominance, command and filth, I loved it; Len - very clever routine, no intensity or mood, neat and placed *cue argument culminating in Len calling Craig and silly little sod* that's another 300 complaints this week, we like to keep the complaints department busy! Alesha - intense, strong, passionate, strength, you delivered it, great job; Bruno - moodier than a thunderstorm in the pampas, strong and manly with a mean streak. Score: 9/8/10/10 = 37

Jastina Viennesse Waltz to Iris - gorgeous choreography, stunning routine, beautifully performed, lyrical with lots of drive. Len - lovely footwork, lyrical movement, fleckerl - liked it a lot; Alesha - dramatic, great movement, connection; Bruno - such drive, back in the zone, intricate, everything had meaning; Craig - could be a ten, arms let you down, hands flat, arms wooden *cue another argument with Len* Jason diffuses! Score: 8/9/9/9 = 35 James is gagging Brendan behind them!

Pashee foxtrot and Pasha mimes the piano brilliantly, like the song but not for a foxtrot, couldn't connect it to the routine at all, which is a real shame, as they were elegant, floaty and classy. Alesha - elegant and graceful, wonderful placement, truly a lady; Bruno - my fair Chelsee, sophisticated, arms like soft wings of a dove; Craig - hopping, lost centre but starting to tick all my boxes; Len - work on footwork a little, love watching your ease and elegance. Score: 9/8/10/9 = 36.

Robinita Argentine Tango and this has the mood Len was alluding to, the sleazy club, great connection, much stronger in the body now, excellent effort! Bruno - Anita unleashes her basic instinct, sexy mama queen of drama; Craig - not responding to Robin but loved the amazing spinning, stunning routine; Len - it smouldered, those little touches, loved the feeling, that's what it's about, creating the mood and atmosphere; Alesha - drew me in, loved the drama, intensity and mood, wonderful. Score: 7/9/8/9 = 33

Brendolly rumba nice lines in places, some others not so elegant but great routine and good partnership considering how long they've had - infuriatingly she's still looking downwards! Craig - loving the new partnership; Len - nice and precise, get a little more emotionally involved and Look Up! Alesha - did exceptionally well, all the basics and more to come; Bruno - moved beautifully, very very good. Score: 8/8/9/9 = 34

Russia all blinged up for the American Smooth to I Am What I Am - I wondered what they'd do about lifts, instead he skipped and gambolled and brought out more bling! Len - like a giant Ferrero Rocher, well done; Alesha - first half a good mix of steps, second half a snapshot of your mind; Bruno - exploded like the star turn of La Cage Au Follies; Craig - immortal, darling. Score: 5/7/7/7 = 26.

The Scoreboard:
Harriona - 37 = 9
Pashee - 36 = 8
Jastina - 35 = 7
Brendolly - 34 = 6
Robinita - 33 = 5
Aleames - 31 = 4
Robbiola - 31 = 4
Russia - 26 = 3
Audalie -20 =2

The shock won't be at Audalie in the bottom two - it'll be at who's there with him, because I don't think it'll be Russia this week! Till the morrow, young padawans ...

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