Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Strictly Come Dancing, Week 5: Halloween Special

We're in the Monsters' Ballroom and the class of 2011 are the Addams Family! And there's a stately home in West London missing their chandeliers, Tess! Fab dress though. Wicked Queen Craig makes a flying entrance on a glittery broomstick. And oooh *heartfluttermoment* - tap dancing legend, Adam Garcia, is on the red button. If only I'd been in to see it ...

Russia samba to Kylie's Better The Devil You Know - how can you not smile, couple of mistakes but at least we have rhythm, bounce and fun - and what a shimmmyyy! Len - you caught your bum alight, feel good factor; Alesha - Kylie and Russell, what more do we want, great bounce action; Bruno - Camp Heaven, couldn't have squeezed more fun out if you tried; Craig - One wig away from Mystic Meg, so much slap, timing out, great double bounce action. Score: 4/6/6/6 = 22 spooky score, eh, if you ignore Craig!

Pashee tango to Love Potion No.9 is a fab routine, great technique, musical and stylish, full of attack until the end, such a shame she had to compromise cos of the wardrobe malfunction - admit it, girls, isn't that our worst nightmare? It's polo necks all the way from here ... although she was conscious of it she needn't have worried, all remained decorous. Aw, bless, she's so upset. Alesha - nothing to cry about, raised your game, clean, sharp, full of attack; Bruno - wicked little dancer, great musicality and feel for performance; Craig - could be a little more grounded with flexed knees, feisty and fiery, coped well; Len - a Lancashire hot pot, satisfying and delicious, fabulous, well done. Robin - what a gent, he's draped a scarf over her, Tess reassures too. Score: 7/8/9/8 = 32.

Audalie jive to Little Shop of Horrors. Clearly not as light and crisp as it should be but he's having a great time, good effort, timing and rhythm and at least he lets himself go! Bruno - big smile, great personality, terrible footwork; Craig - gallant effort, physically unsuited, heavy, flat footed, cumbersome, lovely smile; Len - rhythm, good timing, kept on the dance, well done; Alesha - loved the concept, needed to be more bouncy and light, out of comfort zone. Score: 3/6/6/5 = 20

Aleames Paso Doble to Bring Me to Life, it's ethereal, brave on her own, attitude this time, nice shaping, full of drama and loving the hair, I completely forgot it wasn't her own! Craig - I quite liked the idea of Dracula chasing the blood of an innocent virgin, played extremely well, complete antithesis of last week, almost erotic; Len - expecting Hammer House of Horror but ... confident, intense, drama, attack, bit too much frock wafting but terrific; Alesha - back on form, loved the risky beginning, atmospheric, a breakthrough; Bruno - haunting, voluptuous, a hint of madness, linking the lines, assertive, in character. Score: 7/8/8/8 = 31

Artolly American Smooth to Swan Lake - amazing concept, so unusual to see in Strictly, so fluid, gorgeous lines, captivating foxtrot to begin - who doesn't know the story (it's the only ballet I've ever been to). A bit of a Strictly Wow moment. Beautiful finish and that extended knee slide backwards, lovely choreography. Artem is truly a genius. Len - would like the clocks to go back right now so we can see it all again, terrific, a little more in hold, but I loved it; Alesha - look incredible, favourite concept, so far, nothing conventional, beautiful lines and shapes, you were magnificent Holly; Bruno - style and artistry, top lines, exquisite; Craig - high risk, perilous concept but you made it work! Kudos to the band. Score: 8/9/9/9 = 35.

Antonollio rumba to Spooky - a waste of a fab rumba song, sadly, there's no Blackbyrds hit from her. But, she didn't stumble so much, an improvement. Alesha - a sexy woman who knows how to work it but a walking disaster, should've stayed in the coffin; Bruno - look like a queen, dance like the walking dead, hear the music, feel it; Craig - dance horribilis, all went horribly wrong when you stepped out the coffin; Len - the dance of love, moments of Mills and Boon and moments of meals on wheels, it wasn't all bad. Score: 2/5/3/4 = 14 Anton got the giggles over meals on wheels!

Harriona tango to Psychokiller, stylish start on the chairs, fantastic hands, terrific technique when they got going - but again, not enough of it?! Brilliantly acted, great intensity but nowhere near enough actual tango! Harry's such a good dancer it's becoming incredibly frustrating, it's so unsatisfying and just when I'm thinking they might get my vote**, they blow it. Bruno - intense, hypnotic, erotic, can feel your power getting stronger and stronger; Craig - intent, purpose, aggression, loved the storytelling, however, would like to see more in hold, tango you did done very well; Len - I wanna see more than 8 bars in hold, sharp, crisp and enjoyable, when you're in hold you're fantastic; Alesha - do agree with Len a little bit, too cool for school, art is subjective and you created a beautiful dance. Score: 8/7/10/9 = 34 Please Aliona, be as creative but within the parameters of an actual dance, before you cost Harry his place. **would've considered had I been in!

Robbiola Paso Doble to Bad and again, he sells it so brilliantly, even a bit of MJ crutch grabbing - and that was before he jumped upon the judges table. Could've been a bit more attack but some good lines and timing, neat trick with the throwy, swingy, swirly Ola around the floor! Craig - could've done without the lascivious hip thrusts, particularly the one in my face, needed more drive, soup ladle hands, apart from that, amazing! Len - a bit disconcerting, the thrusting of the wobbly bits, would've liked a bit more savage Alesha - keep thrusting, out it in every dance, purpose and intent, cape work excellent; Bruno - go for it, you got it. Score: 4/7/8/7 = 26

Robinita tango to Devil Woman - loved the characterisation but felt it needed to be a bit sharper, it was a melodic but proper tango routine; Len - liked it, lots of content, lost timing a bit, posture weak but enjoyed - proper tango (I'm morphing into Len) far more gruelling than standing side by side mincing around; Alesha - fantastic actress, drama, scary, master the hold; Bruno - portayed very aspect of the character but work on frame; Craig - acting 10, top line 3 - meet the two. Loved the routine. Score: 7/8/8/8 = 31.

Brendulu Paso Doble to Highway to Hell, terrific entrance, working those batwings, needs to look up and present more, thoroughly enjoyable, great job. Bruno - handled the tricks with great panache, strong and powerful; Craig - concept great, fantastic work, a battle for supremacy in hold, I loved it; Len - Lots of tricks and quite a few treats, little bit soft in the body but what entertainment; Alesha - an amazing entrance, loved your determination. Score: 6/7/8/8 = 29

Jastina - quickstep to Bewitched and what an utterly brilliant beginning - now that's proper faffing about, telling the story musically, their timing is fantastic, sheer joy, he hasn't got the best top line but his feet are working it and he draws you in with it. Wonderful stuff. Craig - absolutely fab-u-lous; Len - you were fantastic, you're back! Alesha - so cute, charming, interesting, brilliant routine; Bruno - bewitchingly brilliant and slightly barmy, great concept, great choreography. Score: 9/9/10/9 = 37 Sooooooo happy for Kristina, we're finally seeing what a fab choreographer she is.


Jastina 37 = 11
Artolly 35 = 10
Harriona 34 = 9
Pashee 32 = 8
Aleames 31 = 7
Robinita 31 = 7
Brendulu 29 = 6
Robbiola 26 = 5
Russia 22 = 4
Audalie 20 = 3
Antonollio 14 = 2

Only one draw on the board means less protection for Antonollio, it will be between them and Audalie as I'm sure Russia and Robbiola will be safe. And after her comment about it not being her idea to do the lift, even Anton's fans may desert Nancy tonight.

And since I've been watching on i-player I'm straight into results! Nerdy guys and vampy girls - Someone's watching them. The pro boys are unrecognisable. Creative and quirky, the girls and judges magically swap places at the end!

The Moment of Truth #1: Safe - Brendulu; Aleames; Jastina; Artolly; Pashee.
Bottom Two: Audalie

The Wanted, accompanied by the vampy ladies - but not our ones so *loses interest* seriously, how bad were they compared to the standard we're used to, from the pro's accompanying the musical guests?

Len's Lens - Len, trying to twitch his nose; Alex's confidence; Alesha's trick or treat face; Artolly unconventional, original; Craig and Len's faces when Robbie jumped up on their desk; the musical interlude, Audley's piano, Russell's bongos, everybody had wonderful concepts and embraced the spirit. The Grant, the devil's tail, hellboy meets hellgirl!

The Moment of Truth #2: Safe - Robinita; Russia; Harriona; Robbiola.
Bottom Two - Antonollio

It's all as predicted - by pretty much everyone I imagine - Audalie v Antonollio.

Pro American Smooth with Vincent and Flavia, Erin and Anton and Natalie and Brendan to Witchcraft. Gorgeous routine to a gorgeous song, beautiful by the band.

The Final Moment of Truth: It's Arrivederci Antonollio!

6.25pm next week, Jennifer Grey replacing Len - no ballroom expert on the panel, the pros can now really fill their boots with show dances!


  1. I didn't see it on weekend either Scatty. Only watched last night as I was at a quiz (we won!).

    Fab costumes and make-up - Loved Aliona's and Lulu's dresses respectively! :o) The concept of Artem and Holly's routing was fantastic - I love that film! :o) And she really looked the part.

    Glad Nancy is gone - just sick of hearing her voice really.

    Bless Chelsee, I wanted to give her a hug. Can't beleive no one on the judges thought to say 'don't worry we didn't see anything'! That's clearly what she was upset about what with it being a live show and all!

    Jason and Chelsee are rapidly shaping up to be my favourites :o)

  2. congrats on the quiz win :) Jason and Chelsee for me too, though Artem's choreography totally got me this week. The difference between them and Harriona was that you're allowed more time out of hold and to be more showdancey in the smooth - you have to wonder what Aliona can do for a smooth that we won't have already seen?! They've yet to win me over.