Sunday, 27 November 2011

Strictly Come Dancing Result Show, Week Nine

Quarter Final next week - so will we lose 2 then or 2 in the semi? Pro dance -Katya & Pasha and Brendan & Natalie with a very stylish and modern ballroom medley to Rolling in the Deep - dresses of the night also!

The Moment of Truth #1: Safe - Harriona; Pashee; Jastina - no particular order? That's left the highest tension there could possibly have been! Bottom Two: Artolly! Bruno bitterly disappointed to see Holly there again - she delivered everything they asked of her.

Over to Claudia, who asks if the Swingathon was fun, in the style of "Was it, really? Are you sure?" Movie Night theme next week, Pashee have Shrek "You do know about the green face and the ears, don't you" she asks Chelsee, who replies that as long as she's a princess, that's fine.

Cee Lo Green and his new song. Oh. He's brought his own dancers too. They seem to be channelling Brian May. Nice pinky peachy satin shell suit, CL, really.

Len's Lens: Brendan singing along to Uptown Girl; Harry, full bore, hold throughout, the jumps, still body contact, look at the line, fast, full on, great control, deserved a 10, Craig! Artolly, fab kicks, modern twist, doesn't deserve bottom two; Pashee gorgeous ganchos, look at the height in that lift! Aleames good time, her Finding Nemo face! She let herself go, undermarked says Alesha. Bruno's up, demonstrating the swivel; Ola's reaction to being booted off the Swingathon first - hands on hips, major poutage, lol!

Movie Week trailer: Dance Club - first rule, we don't talk about Dance Club says Harry. Oops, sorry, pipes up Chelsee, I've already texted everybody; Indiana Jones, with Alex and Anita lifting the tiny glitter ball, only to be chased by the huge glitter ball; The Matrix, with Jason and Holly; Star Wars and Robbie's fighting Darth Vader, who reveals himself to be Craig!

The Moment of Truth #2: Safe - Aleames! Lol, loving the shock reaction! Bottom Two - Brenita. So Robbie's fan base still strong!

An Anton/Erin treat, with a gorgeous routine to Mr Bojangles, courtesy of Lance out from behind the bandstand. Erin's gone back to the original Come Dancing for dress inspiration. It wasn't long enough. The routine, not the dress!

Brenita v Artolly, both 2nd time, both sad but glad they did it.

The Final Moment of Truth: Leaving tonight - Brenita. Aw, checkout Bruno's face! He's worse than me! Robin on the phone, so sorry he couldn't be there "you are one of the most incredible, enthusiastic and hard working people I've ever met and I'm going to miss you dearly." She says he made this the most humorous, enjoyable, fun and wonderful learning experience - and also many thanks to Brendan. All credit to Claudia and Tess cos I'd be hopeless at this point, can you imagine a hostess who's too choked to speak?


  1. I wasn't really an Anita fan as I thought she was overmarked, but I did feel a bit choked last night! More for Robin than anything - how rubbish to be knocked out when you're not even there! Poor guy.

    Still heavily in favour of Chelsee :o) Desperate for Robbie to go - sick of him being given a song he can gyrate his way through each week. The joke is very old now!

  2. Worrying that Robbie had to be at least 4th fave with the public to avoid the bottom two Foxy! So probably Holly and AN Other to go before him! Fascinating to find out which of Chelsee, Jason and Harry is least popular cos it's clear that Alex has loads of support too!