Sunday, 20 November 2011

Strictly Come Dancing Result Show, Week Eight!

Strictly Beatlemania, with the celeb boys as the Fab4, the girls in minis - cars, not skirts, and the judges emerging from a telephone box; Craig appears to have had too many jelly babies during the intermission. Fab-u-lous opening!

The Moment of Truth #1: Safe - I'm actually shaking - Robinita! Go, TeamDobbin/Windsorfans on Twitter, well done! Major campaignage, all paid off! Robbiola! Even Aleames feeling the pressure - not now, though, they're safe! Bottom Two: Russia!! Ooh, shock or not? Bruno says that for entertainment, he's the tops - but it is a dance comp and it's getting tougher. Anita in need of a foil blanket. Robbie welling up and setting everyone off, Alex never thought she'd score a nine, James never thought a seven ...

James Morrison and Jessie J with Up: I'm too busy thinking about the possible shock to come that I didn't pay much attention; sounded pretty good.

Len's Lens: Craig as Brian May in the opening number last night; Bohemian Rhapsody rehearsal, joined by the real Brian May, who takes the chance to give Craig a three for his fandango! Len and Craig dancing the night away; Robbie's leap frog, touch and go if Ola'd had her hair up in a croissant; Jason's timing; Harriona's cartwheel into splits; Bruno on the desk at the beginning of the medley - totally nuts, now he's clouted Alesha round the head! The Grant Peek A Boo, eyes wide; mouth open!

The Moment of Truth #2: Safe - Pashee; Harriona; Jastina - it's Artolly in the bottom two, which I kind of figured it might be but was hoping if I didn't say so it wouldn't be true :( Loved that quickstep tonight #kissofdeath Alesha says they deserve to be in the top 7.

Il Divo sing Time to Say Goodbye - but to whom? And is that Steve Coogan moonlighting there? Russell not shocked, his goal was Wembley and he made it; Holly foresaw it a little bit - asked Russell what he could see - if it ends on a night like this, it's not so bad.

The Final Moment of Truth: It's ... Russia! Is that a shock? On balance, no. Stalwart fans of the show tend to start voting later on and the less technically gifted rarely make it past the last six or so. Choreographers, take note - gimmicks will no longer be enough! The seven left will have to deliver recognisable ballroom dances with flair and personality! Russell, on his way for his farewell dance, quips to Tess "I hope it's a good number." It's Simple Minds Don't You Forget About Me - we won't, Russell, we won't! Thank you for the joyous weeks you were with us :)


  1. We weren't that suprised by the bottom two either Scatty to be honest. I think with Holly, it's less that she's disliked and more that she's a little too bland. apaprt from their black swan dance they've faded into the background a bit compared to the showstoppers like Chelsee, Jason and (I hate to say it) Robbie.

    It's going to get very interesting the next few weeks to see who's getting the vote and who's not.

    Personally, with every week that passes I'm more and more in support of team Pashee! :o) loved their Samba!

    I will miss Russell - next weeks live show will definitely be more ordinary! Lol ;o)

  2. I think Pashee are who the neutrals are going for - my mum has been pretty consistent with them, I discovered the other day; she keeps a notebook with a grid on it with all the scores and who she voted for! I thought I was obsessed! But it will be very interesting to see if the leader board turns upside down this week!

  3. Bad news about Robin isn't it? Poor Anita, I wonder how she will work out with Brendan. Do you think that it will be back to basics now that Wembley and Haloween etc are behind them?

  4. I think so, although we've got the swingathon this week, then they'll be doing 2 dances probably from the week after, they usually start in the quarter finals - can't believe the end is so close!