Sunday, 13 November 2011

Strictly Come Dancing Result Show, Week Seven

As ever on Remembrance Sunday, we begin with a terrific Pro jitterbug - James and Ola, Flavia and Vincent and Pasha and Katya, brilliant opening to the show. Tess appears to have cut herself on the sweet wrapper; she's now sporting a bandage.

The Moment of Truth #1: Safe - Robbiola; Pashee; Jastina; Brendolly
Bottom Two: Audalie. Alesha says he's been a star and he can hold his head high. Len says so many are outstanding, he can't wait for the show to go on.

Clauds is calling Robbie Mr Arm Placement; he says Craig's been playing hard to get with him. Chelsee still doesn't think she's a dancer, despite the 10. Clauds buries her head. Jason says even in Australia as a kid he'd heard of Wembley, so very excited.

Christina Perri and Jar of Hearts, accompanied by Robin and Kristina with the most amazing contemporary rumba. I said "Wow" twice - did you see that lift/drop?! Wow!

Len's Lens: Audley's microphone, who let the dogs out, bless, loving the whoos; Jastina fleckerl, too high on his balls, but at least he did it; Chelsee makes it look effortless, how amazing will she be when not working on Waterloo Road; Alex needs to either flex or point her feet, not in between; Bruno fanning himself and loosening his collar over Anita; Harriona like a rampant stallion; The Grant - he's off, and again, like a Golden Glitterball.

The Moment of Truth #2: Safe - Harriona; Russia; Aleames - it's Robinita in the Bottom Two - Alex in shock. My vote for them paid off then! But I had a feeling it'd be Robinita, or possibly Brendolly, with Audalie. Bruni is stunned, shocked and appalled, performance so focused, so professional, a pleasure to watch.

Vincent and Flavia snippet from Silence in the Square, leading an emotional day, which is continued now with We'll Meet Again, performed by the Johann Strauss Orchestra led by Andre Rieu - accompanied by Anton and Erin, with a beautiful and classy American Smooth. Oh those pivots! Wonderful.

Audalie versus Robinita and Audley says Anita deserves to go through, what a gent. Anita's almost in tears: "Hug her" Clauds instructs Robin.

The Final Moment of Truth: It's Audalie. He's so gracious to Anita, nice one Audley. They are seriously not playing the Rocky theme? They are ... but since it's called Gonna Fly Now, it's actually pretty apt!

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