Thursday, 24 November 2011

Strictly Come Dancing: It Takes Two - Training Snapshots

Training snapshots #1 Aleames charleston - the one she fancied; James has a totally different approach to this one and she's not vain, but she'd like some of her face left at the end of that lift!
Pashee AT - very nervous, giggling and snorting through their big lift - she's finding the passion too cheesy! Robbiola samba - he needed ballroom this week, calling it the samba of doom. Has realised you can't teach natural rhythm.

Harriona quickstep - this could be The One for me this week - charging around, he feels like a horse! They're on the sofa, watching their competitors with interest. Harry (getting shirty) says Wembley was petrifying but Aliona (salsa sauce) "laughs in his face at his fear". And had he had any more hips he'd have been dancing like a girl! He'd seen Bruno in the Elton vid - turns out it's before his time - and Harry would wear a mankini! Great choice of song or their quickstep, one of those non-traditional bouncy ones that work, a la A Town Called Malice - The Pretenders. Aliona's never seen someone do so well with different rhythm patterns; he tried to ban her giggling - he has a dark side, cue Strictly Star Wars montage, featuring Ali Yoda and Harry Judi. Using a miniature punch ball to head butt in frustration? Lightweight. All in hold this week, should please Len but lifts in the swingathon designed to take out anyone within 5 metres!

Widdy asks: Who would you like to be locked in a room with for 24 hours? (Strictly related)
Robin and Holly both choose Artem; he says "None of them, they're all crazy!"

Strictly box of frocks: Chelsee's AT - sophisticated and elegant, purple and turquoise head to toe, full length slit either side, dramatic; Anita cha cha - nude, full skirt, long sleeves, coloured hem ribbons, completely covered in crystals, it's taking weeks! Jason - The Great Gatsby for him, white suit, blue short, brown tie and spats, that spangly hat isn't for him - it goes with the sparkly tasselly effort under cover.

Training snapshots #2: Brenita cha cha - her arms looking great, working the attitude "feel me up," says Brendan "it's the only chance you get!" Artolly foxtrot - working hard, they don't want that red light again. She's too fast - going with chocolate-quickquick -chocolate timing!

Jastina charleston - very, very good, loving the look of this - they're on the sofa, with Jason (choose SCD) explaining what happened on Saturday. In short, he's not sure, just one of the moments, it's live TV, folks! Kristina (jives Jason up the wall) still so proud of him. Cruel to leave them till last again during the results! Dancing to Yessir, That's My Baby - fabulous! His toes are black and blue - they've never been pleasant but he thinks it's time for a pedicure now. And he needs to learn to breathe. The things we take for granted, eh? The sweatathon, as he calls it, is all about spatial awareness, like how to reach Harry and Robbie with a karate kick. Diamond move? Watch out for the Joe Calzaghe!

Something funny this way comes - animal magic end credits!

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