Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Strictly Come Dancing: It Takes Two - Wednesday Warm Up

The final is only three weeks away!!!!

Brenita on the sofa and Anita (got a new model) was cooking when she found out about Robin, shocked but looking forward to dancing with Brendan - Superpro! Aliona: "What will you do if you drop me, who will you dance with?" Harry: "Brendan!" AKA Captain Big Boy. Moving swiftly on ... cha cha this week to Uptown Girl, character driven to suit her, Brendan loves her enthusiasm.

Dancer in disguise - another tough one, they've not danced like themselves since James and Vincent! No idea on this one - Kristina or Robin?!

Ian Waite's Wednesday Warm-Up and Zoe lets on it's her birthday, to show Ian the Lego Strictly set built by her son Woody. Harry looks suspiciously like Luke Skywalker. Robbiola samba - nice bounce, needs to strech back leg by bending into the front; Aleames charleston - looks like fun, great chemistry, individual uniqueness in the lift - aerial swimming! Harriona quickstep - smooth and speedy, great movement around the floor, loving the sway, like a pre champ amateur. If they get the song choice right and there's more than 8 bars; Jastina charleston - bit discombobulated and un-coordinated, but energetic, like to see them match up but then it isn't as regimented as other dances; Artolly foxtrot - fantastic poise, great posture and movement across the floor, release toes when going backwards; Brenita cha cha - out of her comfort zone, footwork sometimes a little muddled, needs to straighten her legs; Pashee Argentine Tango - needs to lean forward more - lovely demo from Ian and Zoe - they should let them do one on the Xmas Special! As for the swingathon - lots of energy right from the start, think floor craft and - you can nobble someone!

Pashee on the sofa and Chelsee (girl power) felt the audience love as soon as the music began on Saturday. The AT is sexy but comfortable, she's not thinking of Pasha, she's pretending he's someone else. Anyone else! Proper smouldering AT music, but she's not feeling it yet, more nervous about the swingathon. Pasha advises watching for the judges and then hitting the big moves.

Dancer in disguise is ... Zoe's dad, Johnny! Ian arrives with cake, Brendan with a Zoe Strictly Hunks calendar - they should so sell those!

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