Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Strictly Come Dancing: It Takes Two - Choreography Centre Stage

Aleames on the sofa and Alex (Alex says Relax) is still speechless and can't remember anything except that she did enjoy it! James (Top of the whirled) says that as a teacher, to take her from Bambi to Wembley has made him very proud, properly emotional - no, it's dust in the air. Yeah right! Seriously, he went home and cried after their first three days training because he just didn't know what to do! The self-deprecating talk from Alex was because she was absolutely shocking! With them, Robinita, Robbiola and Russia all accounted for first during the Moment of Truth, the Big4 Gladiators would have known how they all feel every week! Less golf, more dancing - he's on his phone and she's having to nag - Charleston this week, should suit her quirky and scatty nature. He hadn't actually told her about the swingathon until today!

Who is it? Passionate about skincare - a slave to fake tan - catchphrase "this is the best thing ever" - it's a tall she: Has to be Natalie, and it is.

Karen Hardy's Choreography Corner: Take a snapshot of the arena - lots of choice: top stage, centre stage, surrounding arena floor - who made the most of it? Pashee brave, she owned her solo section, confident, strong; Jastina lifting it higher every week, the spring in the kicks the swing, he's learning everything, taking it deeper, we love it because of those little extras; Harriona unravelling, risky, lots of what ifs, always bringing more; Robbiola, if ever you'd pay to see an opening, that would be it, performed to the crowd, incredibly difficult lifts, physically in overdrive; Robinita clever rolling in/off the arms, the huge space a struggle for Anita to keep up, may have been better to keep her centre stage; Artolly tricky, near on impossible - the pirouette on the steps. Shot of the night, them heading towards centre stage, a Hollywood entrance! Big floor, big moment, perfect for pro dancers - fantastic first class routine, maybe a step too far for Holly.

Pashee have Argentine Tango this week, roving reporter Vincent tells us step by step: It's all about the man chasing the woman to possess her! Signature move: Ganchos - those snappy leg hooks; sacada - the displacement of each others feet; calesita - man lifts the lady slightly, she's still while he moves around her; planeo - standing on one leg, the other pointed to side while the partner runs around, turning them. Let yourself go with the music, feel each others heart beat!

Top of the Frocks with Amanda Wakely and Oonagh: Top tip - make the woman wear the dress, not the other way around. Chelsee's really clever, flattering, elongated, stretch satin, well designed so Union Jack not distorted, slits, 4000 crystals, feathers emphasising hips, 2 metres of boas cut into strips; Holly's not strictly a dress *groan* 2 pieces, leotard base echo of twinset, 5 layers, georgette, satin, organza, green and blue; Alex's rather beautiful, clever illusion of bare back, elegant, 8 panels of white satin, slight flare, organza, 42 metres, crinoline, writing to keep away from legs!

In other news: The line up so far for the live shows is all revealed - Nancy&Artem; Jastina; Harriona; Mark Foster and Katya; Pashee; Robbie&Natalie; Robinita. Len, Bruno and Craig are judging, with Kate Thornton presenting.

Sir Brucie will be appearing at the Royal Albert Hall in his own headline show on May 3rd next year.

Interview with former Strictly champ, Tom Chambers, about Top Hat.

It's dancing musical chairs, as Christine Bleakley is to replace Holly Willoughby in Dancing on Ice, while Holly signs up to present The Voice.

Eastender's Charlie Brooks has apparently signed for the Strictly Christmas Special

And last I heard, Keith Chegwin was still thereabouts in the Dancing on Ice mix, irrespective of injury!

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