Monday, 21 November 2011

Strictly Come Dancing: It Takes Two - Russia Relinquished!

BREAKING NEWS! Another male pro dancer is OUT on Saturday! On the Glitter Phone, it's ... Robin! Nooooooooo ... yes, an infection in his right foot, can't stand or walk, let alone dance. The pain began on Friday, adreanlin got him through Saturday - medical advice: no weight on it and keep raised. Very strong anti-biotics making him poorly *sends lots of hugs* Rent-A-Pro Brendan to the rescue again!

Russia on the sad sofa but Russell (Cannon Fodder) not devastated, left us wanting more, his time to go - had an inkling the day before. Thanks to Team Flavant for all the flowers! Simon Pegg tweeted he almost choked with joy at the 'rocketman', he's now an #scd fan! (We'll get everyone in the end!) Russell wasn't scared till he saw he was on a tea tray. Summing up The Grant on Strictly: Wow! Cue highlights, Flav's bawling, Zoe's welling up, so am I *wipes away a tear*

ErinCam - backstage snippets - lots of them!

Craig on the sofa surprised the audience didn't keep Russia, entertaining as well as dance talented. Larger dance floor did expose the less technical and the nerves. Harriona missing the hip action, adrenalin making his legs got too far back to achieve rotation, shame. Jastina he thought a ten but then disarrrster - tried to kick with the leg he was standing on. The judges are hoping and praying and willing the celebs to give them an excuse the pull out the tens! Robinita he was genuinely shocked, but gained a lot of support because of last week, can improve her footwork. Aleames - improved greatly since I told her off in that ghastly rumba, take the criticism, she's listening and putting in the work, extraordinary achievement; Pashee arms in the middle - up or out please! Robbiola missing the steps and as for that leap frog: preparation, elevation - up, prepare,up, open, land *demonstrates* He tells us there's a Swingathon this week - judges will deselect the couples one by one - score 7 to1, added to leaderboard points!

Artolly on the sofa and Holly (Valance-ing act) says it's good to shake things up, getting too comfortable. Artem (back for good) says the back is sore but not as painful as it was. They disagree with the judges re her timing, so do I! The thoroughbred not yet broken in - better that than a mule! Foxtrot next - they may be a lift! Naughty Artem!

*Via Twitter: Ola to Brendan: "Please come and dance with Robbie, he can be the girl" Brendan: "I'm saving the prettiest till last!"

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