Friday, 18 November 2011

Strictly Come Dancing: It Takes Two - Samba de North Circular

Transformers - from Studio One to Wembley, with 15 cameras and 20km of cables and major trussing.

Roving reporter Vincent with Aleames - James is eating an 'ambooger but even so, Vincent reckons they're looking amazing. Alex says "we slipped a bit" "who slipped?" says James "Ah, yes, it was just me!" Make sure you call Zoe, Vincent!

Pashee on the sofa - loving her hair like that! Chelsee (The perfect 10) says Wembley makes you feel so small and Pasha (Treading the keyboards) concurs and says they have to adjust. Both buzzin after the ten! How many boxes has Craig got? Possibly 27 but Chelsee's ticked 25. Pasha's 4 boxes are choreography, technique, performance, choice of music and their music for this weekend is about the only proper-ish one for the samba - Spice Up Your Life, looking groovy too, with her costume an homage to Ginger Spice; so cute, says Pasha, he's so smooth with his styling tips.

Wishful Wembley videos!

Back to Vincent, who shows us what is surely Russell's big entrance *coughs* a sparkly CANNON! A bit of a jive demo with Jason (looking terrific!) Artem there too, in good spirits! And a sneaky peak of the pro dance medley to Queen!

Friday panel with Westlife and let's not worry about choreography, training or costumes, let's turn our attention to quite possibly the worst selection of samba and salsa songs they could fit into one programme: Harriona are attempting to salsa to The Halfpenny's immortalised jive song I'm Still Standing and Robinita samba to ... Dexy's Midnight Runners? Come on Eileen is the archetypal let's-stand-in-a-drunken-half-circle-and-hokeycokey song. Are they nuts, they're on dodgy enough ground as it is!? And much as I like Robbie Williams, Let Me Entertain You is so far removed from a salsa that Goughie will be turning in his crease! Did Ola really agree to that? On a positive note, Relax for Aleames' Tango is an inspired choice, and the two jive songs are perfect, cheesy choices - for Jastina and Russia!

I know they like to have a theme, but seriously, there are plenty of rhythmic Brits whose stuff they could have used: Georgie Fame - New York Afternoon? Matt Bianco - Half a Minute? Even, dammit, Spandau Ballet could have gone in there - Chant No.1! Or - how about Emma Bunton, ex-Strictly Spice star, with Crickets Sing for Ana Maria (my personal salsa fave but by Marcos Valle.) They all say how difficult those dances are, surely the proper music would make it so much easier for them? I look forward to being proven completely wrong, in fact, I'm keeping my fingers crossed I am.

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