Thursday, 17 November 2011

Strictly Come Dancing: It Takes Two - Thursday Training Snapshots

Pashee samba - when she gets it, it'll be fab!
Aleames tango - great in hold, needs to keep sharp out of it.
Robinita samba - routine looks good, loosen up a bit.
Brend/Artolly quickstep - coping well, creative routine.
Harriona salsa - hips, fluid, if he lets go it'll be a treat.
Jastina jive - looking fabulous, quick quick, he can't stop smiling.
Russia jive - timing good, great flicks!
Robbiola salsa - working hard, hair looks lovely, enjoying himself.

Artem on the glitterphone from Wembley - Doc said he thinks Yes! BUT - depends on the pain levels. Has done a rehearsal, will see how it is tomorrow - final decision on Saturday.

Widdy's QT - which supermarket section would you be in? Brendan - shelfstacking; Anton - bakery boy; Artem - butcher's counter; Holly - the till. James hits on Ann.

Dress Alert - Chelsee, Union flag, hot and pale pinks, maximum plumage; Holly - emerald and turquoise, 5 layers, nude base, strictlyfied (covered in crystals); Anita - black base accented with hot pink feathers; Jason - 80s vibe, pale blue suit, rolled up sleeves; Russell - yellow and blue, very bright, lots of stars and - sparkly head detail?!

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