Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Strictly Come Dancing: It Takes Two - Wembley Warm Up

Brend/Artolly on the sofa and Artem (on the bench) was feeling the hurt, Holly (Match fit) felt she was cheating and Brendan (free transfer) was feeling the pressure! In training, Holly's the gooseberry and Brendan's the girl, there's a bromance going on, they speak the same language, Holly just nods - Brendan's dying of embarrassment. Artem's back is definitely better but no decision on him dancing yet. Quickstep to Valerie (Mattesha's) it's a Best of British theme to the music this week. Leaving straight for hospital, Brendan said he'll go with him, throw a few banana skins his way!

Dancer in disguise is a lady I think, quite tall - Natalie or Erin?

Ian Waite's Wembley Warm Up - Think big, don't forget face and technique! Robinita samba, walking through at the moment, needs more bounce. Ian and Zoe demonstrate with a quick chorus of Aquarius! Robbiola salsa looking fantastic, spectacular lift, needs to work on finesse, fluidity and rhythm; Aleames tango - looking extremely good, fast, compact, lower the knees a little more into the floor; Pashee samba having more practice than normal, impressed all the moves are finished, lot of content but she remembers; Harriona salsa and look at Harry's Hips, releasing, continue throughout and it should be spectacular; Jastina jive looks like it's on fast forward, very strong, very light - almost as good as The Halfpenny!! Shock; Gasp!! No pressure then, Jas ... They're matching very well at full speed, posture good, slightly stooped. Ian says: My teacher used to grab me by the breeches - Let's not talk about that, interjects Zoe! Brendolly quickstep, lots of different styles with charleston and lindy hop in there, lovely turn, coping well, looking good; Russia jive looking amazing, one of his best, lose the nodding dog head!

The Children in Need Strictly Special with the newsreaders - Susanna Reid and Robin; Sophie Raworth with Ian; Sian Williams with Vincent and Emily Maitlis with Pasha - and Angela Rippon in for good measure. Karen Bruce choreographed, it looks good fun!

Points of You: Phil asks "Where did Craig get those heels from? I want some!" "1982" replies Zoe!

Russia on the sofa and Russell thanks the wardrobe people, Ezra and Billy, for their help behind the screen - chocs on their way. Re his celebration, Flavia (American Smoothie) says she told him to slide down the banister! In the event, he rushed downstairs to tell someone and there was no-one there! Role reversal in training, Russell's becoming quite the expert! Loving the jive, dancing to Reach by S Club, knows he has the nodding dog problem. Also thanks Michael Ball for the loan of his hair?! Watch for massive, mammoth, huge entry on Saturday!

Dancer in disguise - was Erin!

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