Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Strictly Come Dancing: It Takes Two - Wednesday Warm Up

I don't like the sound of breaking news - Artem the casualty probably but Russell also on the at risk register ... no, it's definitely Artem out, they're on the sofa. It happened on Friday, at the point in the original jive where Artem (back soon) dives and rolls. First Holly (live and let jive) knew of it was during dress rehearsal when she was on her own - apart from Brucie! Under careful questioning from Zoe "did it snap, crackle, pop etc" Artem says it was a gradual build up of pain until he couldn't move! Fractured spine, soft tissue damage - don't dance you could be paralysed, says the doctor, so he goes ahead and dances anyway *tuts* Any turn, rotation, bending - all painful, so, Brendan is stepping in for the rumba with Holly - it'll be Brendolly then, for (hopefully) one week only; Artem wants to be back for Wembley. And he won't lie, he's grumpy and jealous that another man is dancing with his woman! Leave Right Now is the song, we hope it isn't an omen *eek*!

Dancer is disguise - I have absolutely no idea since they're not dancing like they normally would!

Ian Waite's Wednesday Warm-up: Brendolly rumba - an advantage, 2 pros to help, she's long legged, will suit her; Robinita Argentine Tango - little worried but wonderful legawraparound, pleasantly surprised, looking strong; Robbiola American Smooth - looks good, upright, straight, pulled up, needs to dance through to the end of his arms, bring expression to avoid looking mechanical and clinical; Aleames jive -looking really good, bouncy, great kicks, maintaining the energy from the quickstep; Pashee foxtrot - great things but practice wearing your shoes! Intricate, coping brilliantly; Audalie cha cha - knee in a brace, got to straighten, he's musical and doesn't go wrong; Russia American Smooth quickstep, drop shoulders, lift arms, check out the little pinky, mannerisms add personality; Harriona Argentine Tango - he's leading, could be his week; Jastina Viennese Waltz - looking really good, natural, a fleckerl, arms in right place, sway, correct footwork - Len will love!

Points of You: Alesha matches her dress to her pen; Russell's reaction to going through making Robbie laugh.

Jastina on the sofa and they were happy with the rumba, Jason (rum-ba punch) enjoyed it very much, disappointed the judges couldn't say anything positive. Kristina (Kris' cross) was annoyed, all the basics in there, they never gave credit - yet the pro boys all told her - best male celeb rumba they've seen! Thank you! *self satisfied smirk/told you so/glad I'm not mental/* Lots of layers in the VW, song from Meg Ryan film, City of Angels - that's their theme!

Dance in disguise was ... Ola!? Looked a lot bigger than Ola! She's enjoying that chicken suit a little too much ...

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