Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Strictly Come Dancing: It Takes Two - Introducing Janet Jordan!

But first ...

Audalie on the sofa, cha cha coming up but Audley (boxing clever) raises his game under pressure; Nat (swing lowe sweet chariot) says they haven't played it safe but they're working on him taking charge this week.

Who is it? Fashion - drawing - pussycat - camping - hiking - white water rafting - custard = Aliona! Not even going to revisit that one!

Karen's choreography corner - Saturday was like Irish stew, it's all in the preparation, lots of content! Robinita - interesting solo work makers her stronger, timing slightly off but coming together as a team as she speeds up; Jastina - clever Kristina put the basic steps in for the judges, rumba notorious for catching out even the best male celebs; Russia - comedy and content, shocked by how good his arms were, which he maintained, power, all the basic lines, strong marching, great big shapes; Artolly - very special, flicking, rotating, turning underarm, alternative swing style jive; Harriona - choreography brilliant, missing the party element: Layer 1 choreography, layer 2 timing, layer 3 technique, layer 4 body action - would've traded that for a big smile; Robbiola - everything stripped away, pure dancing, look at my celeb, the rise and fall, beautiful walk across the floor - best top line in the competition! Pashee - tricky, side by side, arms and legs doing different things, incredible number, great finale, technique getting stronger, so exciting!

Aleames on the sofa and Alex (the one on show) is thrilled at the 'thank you' from Craig and that he'd noticed the caught heel and made everyone aware of it. Cut to shot of Bruno, Alesha and Jen cracking up when they fell at the end, with Craig looking on sternly and making a note! Jive this week and finding the basics difficult, learning the routine comes easier now though and pushing the nerves aside to make the most of their time left. James (quickstep to success) says her lindy kicks are ok but syncopated ones an issue. James does a damn fine impression of a female dancer, so fine in fact, that Alex is now calling him Janet. And I think it's going to stick ... thinking back, didn't he stand in for Kara with Artem last year, in training?

Top of the Frocks with Sadie Frost and Jemima French: Chelsee - cute, cheeky, very Betty Boop, untypical; Anita - classic drop waist, art deco, beautiful detail, very Gatsby, 8000 stones; Alex - quite mermaidy, great colours, lighter material but 35 metres of it, 16 godets, 10,000 stones; Holly - androgynous, boyfriend jacket, gangster with a twist, splash of red, funnest outfit. Given the choice, they're going out tonight in Anita's and Holly's!

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