Thursday, 3 November 2011

Strictly Come Dancing: It Takes Two - Training snapshots

Training snapshot #1: Audalie VW - nice hands, fluid; Artolly jive - groovy, keeping up; Robbiola waltz - nice frame, good movement; Brendulu tango - no tricks, pure content, a little stuttery; Jastina rumba - hip action, momentum - they're on the sofa:

Jason (the Wizard of Oz) liked their charming, bright fun routine against the backdrop of the darkness. Kristina (Sheila's heels) so happy to get a 10! The rumba is simpler, not so showbiz, Jason chose the music, it's his dad's fave - Roberta Flack and Killing Me Softly. There will be lots of shapes, love, divorce, passion, desire ...

Top of the frocks - Anita's charleston dress chic, classic, elegant, pewter, crystals; Holly's in a pinstripe suit with spats! Russell traditional matador silhoutte with cape - in spots! Sneak preview of a gorgeous turquoise quickstep dress - it's Alex!

Jennifer Grey on the sofa, this week's stand in judge for Len, original Dirty Dancing star and last year's Dancing With The Stars champion - she's likely going to be more like Alesha. She says taking part in the show is like childbirth: at times you think you're going to die but it's all worth it in the end. It's very intense, you want to quit, your body gives up due to the pressure being so great. Our current crop have all impressed with their charm and charisma. Yes, of course she had a crush on Patrick Swayze, along with the rest of us!

Training snapshot #2: Aleames quickstep - nice charleston rhythm, got to keep up; Robinita charleston - full of character, little tentative; Harriona samba - samba walks, he's worried re campness; Pashee charleston - suits her, bubbly, ball of energy; Russia paso - strong stamp, nice footwork, mucho character, they're on the sofa.

Russell (Russo Doble) says Kylie's been in touch on Twitter, and the knee is fine, he's not leaving till we vote them off. Flavia (taking nothing for Grant-ed) says there'll be comedy, drama and high camp, they've introduced a character called Sergei who is slick and cool, bringing drama and attack. And Benny Hill.

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