Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Strictly Come Dancing: It Takes Two - Wednesday Warm Up

Harriona on the sofa and Aliona (Duchess of Dance) explains that it was because it was Halloween with the costumes and make up etc, that theatrical production was the way to go. Harry (Judd-ges love him) praises her for bringing out his latent dance talent. They train the most hours and yet ... he's nicknamed sloth. They have samba - and it's back to Stevie Wonder again, this time with I Wish. My wish is that they stick to a decent samba and let me enjoy the dance all the way through ... you see, I can strike poses but I cannot do a samba roll - I want to see Harry do all the stuff I can't do, not a bunch of Vogue moves I can. And if they go any where near those bloody stairs I'm switching off. His mum's on the phone and tells him to do as he's told for once.

Who Am I? Highest heels - chocoholic - quicket, sharpest AT - Flavia then!

Ian Waite's Wednesday Warm Up: Saturday was Fang-dabeedozi *groan* Moving on ... Brendulu tango doing very well, upright but as she does her Viennese crosses she gets into the banana position, needs to balance head with hips (having read that back I'm wondering if I should rephrase?) Russia Paso Doble another characterful dance, look at his arms, fantastic arms and fingers, clutching castanets, curved shape of the bull fighter and flamenco dance, worry he'll forget the steps; Robbiola waltz suits him, hold improved, quality of movement, clonking great big heel leads, needs to do heel-toe-toe, the basic technique for rise and fall - Len might pick up on it - but he won't be there! Jastina rumba with amazing rumba walks, he has the dance in him, look at that leg, straight, turned out, lovely arms creating space, has to sustain the movement; Aleames quickstep needs more balls, slightly flat footed, struggling to keep up. But he said that last week; Pashee Charleston, so in sync, every arm and leg, special bond, really encouraging; Audalie Viennese Waltz, his musicality is extremely good, exceptional, great quality of movement, attention to arms needed.

Robinita on the sofa and Anita (good girl gone bad) has to unlearn standing straight and tall to rectify top line. Doodleflap? Doodleflip? If it works for her ... Charleston to I Got Rhythm, fabulous! Challenging but looking good in training. Will she be lifting Robin? (Windsor takes it all) The face says 'No'! Len or Jennifer Grey? She'll be great, says Robin, as long as nobody puts her in the corner *double groan*.

Points of You: Did anyone else think that Brendan with make up looked like Aled Jones? Or that Craig resembles Tin Tin?

Artolly on the sofa and Holly (not so ugly duckling) was really flattered by Alesha's comments. Artem (wish he'd worn tights) says the song was a big challenge. Jive this week to Bruno Mars, loving it, they're exhausted, Artem looks like he's about to nod off. They're at the polishing stage. Is she allowed input into the choreography? *Tumbleweed moment* She faxes suggestions to him overnight, that's safest.

Who was it? Flavia, of course - even Vincent couldn't carry off three and a half inch heels.

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