Friday, 11 November 2011

Strictly Come Dancing: It Takes Two - June is busting out all over!

Robinita on the sofa and Robin (Dobson's Choice) admits to rewinding and rewatching their charleston over and over, he was so taken with how much she loved it, he wanted to see her smile again. Anita (A-neat-a mover) just wanted to do it all again! Argentine Tango this week, very different feel, no jazz hands but magic shoes - half an inch makes all the difference apparently *straight face* The atmosphere is changing but it's all about the taking part, not the winning, though they'd all love to - and getting to play Wembley is the big goal, says Anita, scary but exciting - Brian May, eat your heart out!

Points of You - Strictly lookalikes: Audalie - Disney's Beauty and the Beast; Anton - Toy Story's Woody; Natalie with dark hair - Kate Middleton!

Friday Panel: June Brown (East End Girl) Tamzin Outhwaite (No end to her talent) and Michael Ball (West End Boy) and I am a little wistful for the panels of old, when one concentrated on the costume, one the music and one the technique - because these panels are just way out of hand! Who cares what they're dancing too, wearing or doing, June Brown needs to reminisce! About Robinita's charleston and the twenties in general, mainly, when we're supposed to be watching Aleames jive ...

Robbiola American Smooth - good lines, Sway the song, top line and footwork but broken wrists detracting; Audalie cha cha to Uptight - they're loving their Stevie Wonder, aren't they? So who's got Overjoyed for a waltz and Do I Do for a samba? Needs some swagger, moves well, just needs techy skill; Aleames jive to River Deep Mountain High, most improved, developing well; Jastina Viennnese Waltz, didn't catch what the song was, far too distracted by June now and suffering complete loss of concentration - but it sounded like they said the Goo Goo Dolls?? Oh, they do exist! Keep the face working then no-one looks at the feet! Brendolly rumba to Leave Right Now, Antipodean rapport and solidarity, we hope, she'll be stronger.

Gatecrashing jitterbug rehearsal in the studio - Ola, Flavia and Katya, with salsa queen Jaci, joined by James, Vincent and Pasha. Pashee on the steps, everything went according to plan last week, foxtrot this week, bit worried but it's sophisticated, smooth, extended, elegant, passionate and romantic. It's all good!

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