Friday, 4 November 2011

Strictly Come Dancing: It Takes Two - Daly Dance Views

This week is the halfway point! Pashee on the sofa and Chelsey (Healey Toe Lead) watched it back and realised things weren't as bad as she thought and she feels a bit daft now for crying. Pasha (Tango and Pash) said he had checked everything, he's a pro ;) They've had a bit more time for polishing this week and they're enjoying the charleston, it's fast and bouncy - just like you, Pasha says to Chelsey and she thinks he's referencing her *ahem* malfunctioning parts again, but he's not. Dancing to Has Anybody Seen My Gal, he's the mechanic in a car breakdown story who fixes her car for a wiggle - rhinestone overalls? He calls her Textzilla because she's still spending too long on the phone!

Points of You -Anyone notice a) Robin kick Pasha in the head during the pro dance or b) Anton's amazing resemblance to Wallace (of W and Gromit!)

The Panel: Mr Tess Daly, Vernon Kaye, who, along with their two girls dances around the living room on a Saturday night - Tess is dripfed news throughout the week; Jungle King/Queen Christopher Biggins, in the blingiest of blingy jackets this side of Russell's wardrobe; Spice Girl, Melanie C, who would love to do the show, although Emma and Mel B are tough acts to follow.

Biggins says Jason was never a dancer, a disaster in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang! Aleames quickstep to It Don't Mean A Thing If It Ain't Got That Swing, brilliant, play the character of the dance - Vern's go the techy terms down, they didn't need Jennifer, they could've had him - much cheaper! Harriona, they say the final 3 is calling, he needs to relax and smile more. Vern says Harry's better at golf than drumming. Robinita goes for it 100%, she just wanted to learn to dance, says Mel, who met her before the start of the series. They tout the idea of a Xmas special where Anita dances while Brian May plays and Mel sings ... Audalie VW to Avril Lavigne, beautiful emotive ballad - could be a big surprise, still smiling, band and vocalists amazing. Artolly jive in matching outfits, no idea what this song is, don't like it, not relating it to their jive at all. Russia paso to the Toreador music, I think, the Da Da Dada Da Dumdi Dumdi Da - you know the one - fantastic! Mel and Biggins reckon a Jason win, Vern thinks Chelsee! Shocking panel in terms of dancing critique but brilliant for entertainment value!

The celeb/pro relationship buzz words: Delightful - good feeling - adore - good mates - special - perfect balance - respect, bond - brother/sister - make her proud - understanding - being themselves.

Robbiola in the studio - the leap from dance floor to judges desk was over four feet! And he didn't nail it in rehearsal! They were worried during the Moment of Truth, they were left so late. Robbie's wife cried when she saw their waltz in training, it's a Take That Gary Barlow song, we get a little snippet, looking good ... No No No - tell me they're joking with the stairs - thank you Zoe *phew* the credits roll and he's still spinning her around the dance floor ...

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