Monday, 7 November 2011

Strictly Come Dancing: It Takes Two - Bye Bye, Brendulu

Brendulu on the sofa and Lulu (Tangoing, going, gone) figured they'd be in the bottom two, but she still cried all day yesterday, specially following texts from the others. Brendan (It started with a lift) was pleased with how it went, by and large, did the best they could. Lulu still sad but loved the whole experience and her fave part was the lift in the rumba! They all know gossip about Robbie but won't reveal! So unfair!

Craig's (Deputy Dawg) dancing debrief, once he's settled into his chair following the hiptastic entrance, and Bruno turned horribly ugly, lots of tension at the head judge business but he is bizarre. Lulu should have stayed, she was very dance talented and Brendan taught her a lot.
Artolly devised an immaculate jive we never got to see due to Artem's injury, she did brilliantly - Brendan is going to practice this week with her while Artem rests up. Aleames routine gorgeous, Alex a pro to keep going and not be put off by the caught heel, would've liked them to maintain their dignity instead of falling at the end; Robinita and swivel loss, everyone has a lazy leg, Craig's is his left, she needs to master a little more technique, it got a little lazy towards the end. Bill Deamer choreographed the charlestons! Harriona - he should have taken the top off completely, needs to involve himself emotionally in the dance, all place, no improvisation, less exciting than Chelsee who lives dance life on the edge; Audalie's tongue a grotesque cow lick, ha ha, he's in the studio, he's taking Craig for a walk ...

Robbiola on the sofa - he's proud of the waltz and we did all notice the tear in his eye, it's back again now. Disappointed that he can't please Craig but he'll carry on dancing after the series. Ola proud of him, clean, better posture and more to come. American Smooth this week, with an upside down shoulder spin, scary!

End credits - keeeeeeeep clapping!

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