Monday, 14 November 2011

Strictly Come Dancing: It Takes Two - Au Revoir, Audalie

Recap and then it's Audalie on the sad sofa and Audley (Out but not down) didn't want to knock out a competitor of Anita's calibre - and says he would've stepped down! He tells Anita to get on the Social Media campaign trail. He'll miss the opportunity to perform, the dressing up, the sequins - and he'll be using the Strictly theme to come out to at the start of his bouts! The public reaction warmed his heart, he'll take all the positives away with him - and says he'd like Chelsee to win!

Points of You: Have Len and Craig been taking grumpy pills?

Craig's dance debrief in man heels - glad Len's back? Rather ugly, much preferred being Head Judge! A lot of hard work went into achieving those scores on Saturday: Harriona - Passion, much, don't know what Len was not seeing, intent, purpose and passion! What did he need to do for a 10? Lead with his solar plexus and instigate every move and to loosen up kicks and flicks. Jastina - moves his arms like a wooden block, planking his arm up and down rather than lengthening through. Works hardest as he's the least naturally talented. But once he's got the arms, he'll never forget them. Robinita needs more cross and throwaway, how surprised to see them there - not, really, had to be someone, did belong there in a way - controversial? The Grant has entertainment - roller skates next week? *yes yes squeaks Zoe*. Aleames needs to point or flex, not dangle - in between a no no, not pretty. Precision and direction needed. Fantastic job but not precise! Pashee's loss of centre caused the hopping, Pasha should've kept her in check, a case of fabulous, fabulous, love it, love it - ugh! Russia - West Side Story in gold sequins, like him but can't bump up points just for the entertainment value. But he can actually dance!

Harriona on the sofa and Harry (Gaucho Marks) worried that he wouldn't perform and his mum, in the audience for the first time, would blame herself. How'd mum and girlfriend like the filth? You have to go for it, whoever's there. The Sloth Slot - they know, being from the South American jungle, what's hot and steamy and it was meaty and well done! Aliona (Don't McFly For Me Argentina - caption man loving this week) says the AT matched his personality but it's salsa this week: He needs to work on everything, he says. She agrees. He says: I was joking! Quote of the day: "She's so brave, she just chucks herself on me" - Harry about Aliona.


  1. Bless Audley for being so sweet about Anita! :o) I think it was his time though. It'll be very interesting to see who lands in the bottom two next week now that we're left with a fairly even bunch. I would have expected Anita to be saved after the shock of this week, but we'll see :o)

    On a side note - did you see any of the newspaper interviews Nancy gave at the weekend? I read the Times one, and the one in I think it was the Mail. You seriously couldn't make someone like her up could you?!

    Nearly fell off my chair laughing when she described herself as "modest, shy and intelligent - very, very intelligent" Lol

    She also thinks the show is doomeed to fail without her; the other celebrities are too boring; and claims that she knows she's a good dancer because she trained in ballet for 10 years. You seriously need to read it if you haven't already Scatty - I guarantee you won't read anything funnier this week! ;o)

    It's scary that she's a lawyer!

  2. Hi Foxy - I haven't seen them, no, but might take a look-see, sounds hilarious. She did ballet? Really? The scary-about-being-a-lawyer thing is the fact she clearly hasn't retained anything she learned! Maybe it was a bit tongue in cheek, apparently she is pretty hilarious in 'real' life!

    I think Audalie knew it was their time - and you're right, I'm sure Robinita's fans will be on it next week - it'll be a shock whoever, but someone's got to go and it could be one of the big 4! Aleames, Robbiola and Russia clearly have a lot of support to put Robinita down there!