Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Strictly Come Dancing: It Takes Two - All kicking off!

Robinita on the sofa and Anita (Show must go on) relieved for self but feeling dreadful for Audley, it's how they all feel. Not a good place on the leaderboard, many would have thought they were safe. Loved the AT, forgot everyone else, became so involved. They heard the collective gasp of everyone else when the bottom two place was revealed and they were very moved by that. Samba this week, needs bounce, timing variations and steps - they're all going in!

Who is it? Spanish mum - Hungarian dad - bakery boy - golf with Brucie - father (grand) figure - modern day Fred Astaire - it's Anton, the golf thing gave it away!

Karen's Choreography Corner - Choreography is the pencil outline then you add the content and colour: Harriona - fantastic, amazing performance, incredible BUT what Len was getting at was that it's very much 'Aliona's told me to do this/that/the other (specially that)' the technique and the moves are all there but character needs to be more real. I totally agree. Brendolly - Artem in the director's chair, will Holly connect with Brendan? Yes! Jastina - intricate, lots of detail, underarms turns, shadow positions, slightly overchoreographed - big points for the fleckerl! Pashee - handles whatever he throws at her, emotional dance, the foxtrot should be like a monkey swinging through the trees *demonstrates* so why with the push through the legs? Take care not to disrupt the performance; Robbiola - the Fred and Ginger Latin and Ballroom effect, look at that recovery after the lift into the ballroom hold, all round great performance, personality back!

Aleames on the sofa - the best form for dance is attack! Alex (jiving queen) going for it every week from now on in. James (Exjordanary) says Craig was incorrect re the kicks and flicks, Alex was doing them properly, would have concurred if he'd said the chasses were a little skippy but he'll happily have a kick off with him; her kicks and flicks were lovely! She finds it easier when there's a character to draw on, and this weeks costume was really comfy! Mini James got involved all night - although someone thought it was B**** J******. Sorry, he's a four-letter word if you live in North Kent ... onwards with Aleames and it's Tango this week - master the posture, the steps are the easiest (probably) of all the ballroom dances, tension, flexing and ooh, check them out, with their staccato heads in sync and lusty faces!

A very quick countdown of Top of the Frocks, with Oona and Melissa Odabash: Chelsee could've done with a little less fabric in the skirt - and only 800 crystals?! Metallic champagne, contoured, flowing and elegant, chiffon skirt attached to arms, wired hem, swirly swirly seven metres; Holly needed more bling, crepe skirt (I wasn't so keen either, if I'm honest ... ) cut on the bias, hand sewn; Russell 100% Blinging, the colour, the sequins all over, changed in 12 seconds, so very Him!

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