Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Strictly Come Dancing: It Takes Two - 17 Seconds of Stuuuufffff!

You'll only get that title if you listen to KissFM's brekkie show ...

Audalie on the sofa and their expectations have been exceeded that they're still here, yet more to learn. Nat (Lowe Point) is glad to see the back of the jive, they only had 11 hours to train, due to Audley (Tickles our ivories) having a trip back home to the US of A. Back in ballroom with Viennese Waltz, already an improvement and looking to create swing and sway, says Nat, with a very husky voice - a lot of shouting in training?!

Karen's Choreography Corner: Jastina so risky, like magic, perfect partnership, chemistry and timing, so powerful, two people dancing together in ballroom, brilliant; Artolly so great, original, unique, beautiful top line, balletic, so different you love or hate, huge gamble, fresh and new, Tchaikovsky, who'd a thought? Standing ovation from Princess Bea (a personal friend of Holly!); Harriona really powerful, strong, tango but only 17 seconds worth, we don't want a show dance every week, we want to see it for at least a minute - first class show dance, not a tango; Brendulu had everything, strong big shapes, brilliant, use the energy in the next dance; Pashee so clever, strong head flicks, choosing the elements that will please the judges and then adding the performance; Robbiola put everything in, big shapes, tricks, very clever, not the strongest but flash and razzmatazz, character excellent; Robinita on the edge, lots of content, gives the judges a chance to critically appraise the dance, we can see improvement.

Widdy's Question Time: What animal do you most resemble when dancing? Vincent - chipanzee, light and hairy; Aliona - cheetah or panther, powerful and graceful; Robin - bulldog, self explanatory; Katya - cat, ditto!

Aleames on the sofa and Alex (in James fang club) found the paso character much easier to get into, she loved the narrative and James (bites back) was properly scary which helped! And who knew skirt wafting could be so difficult! Quickstep next!

Ben de Lisi and Oona on the sofa for the frock spot. Ben's fave was Alex's white paramesh confection, fluid fabric, 16 metres worth, 8 godets, 8 flared panels, plunges, on the right side of being dangerous; Anita pulled it off - I must have missed that bit - oh, the volume, McQueen influence, flamed beading, 5000 crystals just on the top, the hem took half a day for the pleated, wired crinoline, horns would have been too much, the cornetto fascinator perfect; Chelsee's barely there number could have perhaps had a corset with boning underneath, graphic, fun, bubbly, asymetric, kooky with ion oxide crystals. That's all folks!

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