Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Strictly Come Dancing Christmas Special Line Up

The stars of the Strictly Come Dancing Christmas Special have been unveiled:

Alongside Charlie Brooks, who for some reason was leaked yesterday, we have Su Pollard, who played Hi De Hi's nutty chalet maid, Peggy - paired with Anton, obviously! Boxer Barry McGuigan, at the opposite end of the scale to Audley, Debra Stephenson, who so impressed in Let's Dance for Comic Relief, and Simon Webbe of boy band Blue.

The professional dancers pairing them will be Erin, Katya, Ian and Vincent. It doesn't say who with who so let's have a guess: Erin and Simon; Katya and Barry? Ian and Charlie; Vincent and Debra? What do you think?

No doubt more info will appear on the Strictly Come Dancing official website when all confirmed.


  1. Just seen on Twitter - Katya is with Simon!

  2. And it's Erin with Barry, Charlie with Vincent and Debra with Ian.