Saturday, 15 October 2011

Strictly Come Dancing: Week Three - On Broadway

They say the neon lights are bright and they were twinkling and sparkling in abundance tonight ... especially with the opening number One Singular Sensation, stunning routine by the pros, gatecrashed by the celebs! Tess' hair looks fab; dresses of the night: Flavia, Erin - Nancy's also very striking. As is Robin's hair! OMG, what were they thinking ... Strictly superfan, Henry Winkler, on the red button. I'm going to resist the urge to say it.

Artolly tango to Cell Block Tango from Chicago "I'm not rude, I'm just Russian" says Artem and they launch into a very stylised, full of Chicago-atmosphere routine with a lot of attack; well done for avoiding a wardrobe malfunction Holly but keep those eyes up! Needed to be a little sharper but overall a great routine and memorable performance. Len (Spamalot, according to Bruce) - be still my beating heart, full of intensity, didn't get fazed by the caught heel; Alesha (dreamgirl) sexy actress emerging, lost a little intent after the caught heel; Bruno (Footloose) smoulderingly tantalising, plenty of promises; Craig (Les Miserable) liked the strong, bold, drama and drive of it, needed more tension, and to be cleaner and sharper, very much enjoyed it. Score: 7/8/7/8 = 30.

Danya with a sweet VW to Somebody to Love from We Will Rock You. Smiley Dan, nice story line he's acting it out; needs to pull up a bit, little bit skippy but a nice feel, moved well around the floor. Alesha - so much potential, comfortable in hold; Bruno - more like a casual acquaintance of Katya, didn't capture the spirit of the song, more intensity needed; Craig - awkward nature about you, continue through all the movement, get up on your toes; Len - I come to praise Dan, not to bury him, frame was good, footwork good, judges want too much. Score: 5/7/6/6 = 24

Robinita and a jive to You Can't Stop The Beat but I'm just going to be staring at The Wig. The blonde one in training suits him more. Anita needs to point her toes and pick up her feet more, looking very lazy, needs to match her Latin to her ballroom standard, full of character but I didn't enjoy her dancing much if I'm honest, pretty laboured. Bruno - performance always great , needs to be sharper, more precise and cleaner in kicks and flicks; Craig - too loose, technically very messy, point your toes, pick your feet up (isn't it scary when you agree with Craig!) loved the characterisation; Len - fun, energetic and entertaining; Alesha - no-one gives two hoots about your toes (beg to differ on that, makes it ugly) Entertaining, lit up the room. Score: 6/7/7/7 = 27.

Aleames VW to Memory from Cats and it's a beautiful beginning, lyrical, dreamlike, better posture, gorgeous routine with a reprise of the opening at the end. Craig - clever choreography, simple and uncomplicated, would've liked a little more dancing but loved the routine; Len - simply beautiful; Alesha - most improved, elegant and dreamy, told a story, wonderful; Bruno - beginning like a magical bird stretching her wings to take flight. Score: 8/8/8/8 = 32.

Rorin QS to Top Hat, White Tie and Tails from Top Hat and it's a very creditable, classy routine, as ever from Erin, got a little stuck in one corner, stray leg still there, charleston good, character and style, captured the spirit. Len - the right song, right style, right routine, your best dance; Alesha - held the character; Bruno - all the razzle dazzle, be careful with the trout pout; Craig - sorry to put a dampener on it, flat hands, need to point feet but full of style, panache and confidence, brilliant job Score: 7/8/8/8 = 31

Brendulu rumba to All I Ask Of You from Phantom of the Opera and she's still singing along to a lovely routine by Brendan, not as sinuous but not surprising - no length of bone, as Craig would say, but she was elegant and musical and it really showed there. Gorgeous lift too. Alesha - great story, told it brilliantly; Bruno - so lyrical and fluid, difficult choreography, very well done; Craig - illegal lifts will not be tolerated; Len - you have to break eggs to make an omelette, sometimes you need to break the rules to make the routine. Score: 5/7/7/7 = 26.

Antonollio tango to Be Italian from Nine - great leg extension, haughty, simple routine full of drama, a bit floppy in parts though. Bruno - impetuous, peek a boo legs, actually looked like a tango, carry on this way; Len - tension of a curled sponge, lots of style, no substance; Alesha - liked the intro, the drama, character, strengthen your body from top to toe, an improvement. Score: 4/5/5/6 = 20

Audalie QS to Too Darn Hot! Jazz hands alert - good ones too! Nifty footwork, light on his feet, lost some speed and tripped himself but good rhythm, had fun with it and better than I was expecting. Craig - timing out, more energy needed in charleston, much much lighter than anticipated - loved the acting; Len - from waist up, joyful, full of verve - very good job, well done; Alesha - good content, full of smiles; Bruno - fantastic job with feet the size of surfboards. Score: 5/6/6/7 = 24

Robbiola tango to Gimme Gimme Gimme from Mamma Mia - loving that tango face, perfect! Strong, great attitude, little stumble but full of attack and energy, great effort. Len -attack, intent, aggression; Alesha - be proud, bundles of attitude and passion; Bruno - Mamma Mia, how can I resist you; Craig - full of aggression, passion, attack, assertive. Score: 7/7/8/8 = 30. He is now officially hooked I'd say!

Russia foxtrot to Don't Rain On My Parade from Funny Girl - told you he could ballroom dance - oh, back in hold Flav, he was so smooth and elegant, there you go - timing, musicality and personality. Fab, loved it. Superb in hold, let him do more please, it's gorgeous. Alesha - showbiz, ballroom, broadway, so positive; Bruno - uplifting quality of blazing sunshine, very good foxtrot, enjoyed so much; Craig - I would advise a more masculine approach *cue hysterial laughter from everyone* Len - A little white cloud drifting across the floor, put the show in showbiz. Score: 6/7/7/8 = 28.

Jastina tango to I Will Survive from Priscilla, Queen of the Desert and you can never have too many feathers or "Hah's" pure show number, attack and personality, loved the disco break, brilliant. Bruno - strong, powerful, camp as Xmas, fantastic; Craig - Stu-pen-dous; Len - the midwife, you keep delivering; Alesha - incredible tango with a twist, keep blowing me away. Score: 9/9/9/9 = 36

Pashee cha cha to Beggin' from Jersey Boys and she can certainly move, transitions sometimes lose her and needs to be a bit neater because she really gets the routine and her cha cha technique is there but hit and miss, bubbly and full of energy. Craig - timing, energy and spirit fantastic but haphazard and too disco; Len - needs attention to detail but you give it some welly, some strong footwork; Alesha - so close to being a great cha cha, just tighten up a few things; Bruno - cheeky, sexy, playful and rhythmical. Score: 6/8/8/8 = 30

Harriona jive to Greased Lightning and it's my favourite performance from Harry yet, much more relaxed and raw, his kicks and flicks were excellent - if only we'd seen more of them. Timing and musicality apparent, less of the staged show dance and more actual dancing next time please. Len - I'm impressed, lovely sharp kicks and flicks, great musicality - your best dance; Alesha - lot of messing about but liked it, very good; Bruno - all grrrrrrrreased up, action packed, expressive, I almost hate you, very good performance; Craig - be careful of Bruno in in the bar, finally arrived. Score: 8/8/9/8 = 33

The Scoreboard:
Jastina 36 = 13
Harriona 33 =12
Aleames 32 = 11
Rorin 31 = 10
Robbiola 30 = 9
Artolly 30 = 9
Pashee 30 = 9
Russia 28 = 8
Robinita 27 = 7
Brendulu 26 = 6
Audalie 24 = 5
Danya 24 = 5
Antonollio 20 = 4

Why oh why though, are we having so many song repeats? Have they cut the band's budget that much? And why are the judges so very much harsher with Dan than with others who aren't technically proficient? And is it my imagination that the scores overall are much higher for this stage of the competition than usual? Are they deserved? Really? Why aren't the pros letting their celebs dance all through - is it really the dumbing down on Strictly we're seeing? Yes, we want entertainment, but it has to be in the context of the recognisable dance and not instead of. Rant over. Results at 7.25pm tomorrow night!


  1. I think that you are right about the scores. They seem to be quite high for so early in the competition. Do you think someone told Craig to cheer up and mark up?

  2. I think he's gradually mellowed over the years - but someone very canny at the beeb is pitching things just right to entice the fed up x-factor fans - the nicer and funnier our judges are, the better!