Saturday, 22 October 2011

Strictly Come Dancing Week 4: Back to ballroom basics!

Tonight, Matthew, I've come as a roll of carpet ... I'm kidding, Tess looks lovely. Bit thin but still lovely. Poor women on telly can't win, can they?

Jastina out first for a change - Paso Doble to I Want It All and Kristina slays the ghost of Pasos past! Power, passion, fabulous choreography, the skirt work was brilliant. Who's looking at technique? Len - if the buttocks are firm, posture is firm, just lacked the technique, looked great standing still, twist turns plonky; Alesha - confident, little unsure in places, not your strongest, get equal balance between technique and passion; Bruno - tried to make a big meal out of it and got indigestion, feet off timing; Craig - shoulders down, follow through all the lines you created, real shame because intent was there. Score: 6/7/7/7 = 27 They've decided to get firmer!

Aleames rumba to Run, on the floor to begin which I loved, I thought she did really well with the being sexy, still a little hesitant but lovely to watch. Alesha - beginning beautiful, nice arms, nice control, a little safe, take risks; Bruno - sinfully sexy but demure and hesitant, never used hips to full extent; Craig - sexless, cold and stiff, no hip action *James - the public loved it*; Len - the public judge the effect of the dance, our criteria is different, performance good, too much on the floor, lacked hip action but had romance, needed more content but overall a good job. Score: 4/7/7/7 = 25 there's a riot going on in Tess' tower at that 4!

Rorin cha cha to Dance to the Music out of time a little but caught up and we all had a jolly good time, he went all out for it, well done Rory! Bruno - like a cocky rooster, take the steps on the ball of the foot; Craig - gauche, gawky, uncomfortable, heavy placement and flat footed; Len - there's a lot going on and not all of it's good. Liked the New York section, crisp, the flaunting ok; Alesha - always committed, I enjoyed it, well done. Score: 4/7/6/7 = 24 Tess: "You're getting fitter every week" Rory: "Thank you, what are you doing after the show?"

Audalie foxtrot and I wasn't convinced about the song, but they did a very creditable job with it - and we're seeing how good Natalie is now, in how much Audley has improved, not so much with the swing and sway but a smooth, lovely, warm performance. Craig - improvement in frame, needs swing and sway, I really truly liked it; Len - foxtrot is the hardest to do - I'm sitting here giving you a standing ovation; Alesha - love that you rose to the occasion, good job, be bold; Bruno - at times almost fairy like. Score: 6/7/6/6 = 25

Antonollio Paso Doble, ploddy, a shame as Anton put a good routine together, great music, fabulous assisted jump, funny to see her counting, full of drama, loved the dress. Anton's going to start with her upside down next week! Len - better on her head, more content, game girl, enjoyed it, entertaining; Alesha - Intriguing, bit rag doll but I loved it; Bruno - fabulous with your legs in the air, trying to count and still went off time, great effort! Craig - like a paso in Oklahoma, skipping and hoe-downing, full of lifts *they're all a bit of a chuck, luv - Anton* secretly there is talent beneath the surface. Score: 3/5/5/5 = 18

Brendulu samba to Sir Duke - trumpets - now this is a party dance, go Lulu! Didn't like the run up the stairs though, because she was bouncy, groovy and fun and I'd have liked more of that. Judges will mark down and now is not the week to be low on the leader board. Alesha - samba suits you, full of energy; Bruno - bubbly and effervescent, mistakes though! Craig - little bit more content, this dance did suit you, bounce action, better; Len - gusto and enthusiasm, carnival spirit, bit repetitious. Score: 5/6/7/7 = 25

Artolly VW to Cry Me Out. Brave, three poles in the middle of the floor to bump into. Posture not a strong still as it should be, lovely routine but didn't tear me up like I was hoping. Bruno - very fluid, romantic, focus and give it more; Craig - bumpy in place, top line more extreme, whole thing gorgeous; Len - pretty, light and fluffy, got fed up with the poles in the end, once in hold, step forward on your heels; Alesha - elegant, beautiful, composed. Score: 7/7/8/8 = 30

Pashee's quickstep to Sing Sing Sing is stunning, best dance of the night - of the series - so far, a class apart to everything else, timing & musicality fantastic, characterisation, smashing routine performed brilliantly. Craig - two words: First Class! Len - Pasha, you checked in; Chelsee, you won't be checking out tomorrow; Alesha: chemistry, delivered, only criticism - it ended too soon; Bruno - pocket rocket, great. Score: 9/9/9/9 = 36 joint top of the series.

Harriona waltz to Come Away With Me and is an utterly gorgeous routine ... until they stop dancing in the middle of it and fanny around on the stairs *yawn* then try to pick it up again. Len - first half fantastic, hold posture, beautiful footwork, perfect, was a ten and then ... let's mess it all up and walk up the stairs; Alesha - you make ballroom dancing look cool; Bruno - smooth operator, elegant, poised, musical phrasing just superb, beautiful; Craig - I really loved the whispering and the whole storytelling. Score: 8/8/10/9 = 35 I agree with Len - talk about spoil it - surely they could have done the whisper/kiss bit on the floor and merged it in? But Aliona's dress was perfect.

Robinita American Smooth to I've Got You Under My Skin and it's sophisticated, fab lifts, captured the feel but not quite as smooth as I'd have liked. Alesha - style fits you so well, captured the spirit, straighten legs, daring lifts; Bruno - Anita or Rita (Hayworth) Hollywood, 40s feel, I liked it; Craig - lost body contact but sophisticated, classy, consummate pro; Len - two heel turns, beautiful, ease, elegance and sophistication. Score: 8/8/8/8 = 32 - she's going, she's going, the bottom lip's going ...

Robbiola jive to Love Man and there's pelvic thrusts, and singing and also great footwork, strong kicks and flicks, bit loose, thoroughly enjoyable, full of energy! Bruno - because you're worth it! Insane, begging for it; great energy, technically not perfect but God, I had a good time; Craig - sorry to spoil but stompy, ploddy but adored the characterisation and you went for it; Len - We're the Love Men - you loved it, the people loved it, I loved it; Alesha - loved the hair fluffing and thrusting, great to see you having such a good time. Score: 5/8/7/7 = 27

Russia Tango to Sweet Dreams and it's full of cleverly choreographed content by Flavia, not too fast, giving him breathers but seamless transitions into each section, tried to master technique, entertaining, I loved it! Craig - giving machismo a go, shoulder shrugs not good, head didn't belong to you sometimes but entertaining; Len - like a nodding dog, too whimsical and airy fairy, charm about you, endearing; Alesha - appreciated your interpretation, too nice to do a menacing tango, strictly legend anyway; Bruno - I got it! From sleeping beauty to night terrors, the twist and turns, all went on in your mind, the horror, the theatre, insane but brilliant! Score: 5/6/6/7 = 24 Loving Flav's boots in the pre-dance vid. He's doing samba next week, losing the macho - mass hysteria breaks out - did Robbie say something?

To the Leader Board!
Pashee: 36 = 12
Harriona: 35 = 11
Robinita: 32 = 10
Artolly: 30 = 9
Jastina: 27 = 8
Robbiola: 27 = 8
Aleames: 25 = 7
Audalie: 25 = 7
Brendulu: 25 = 7
Rorin: 24 = 6
Russia: 24 = 6
Antonollio 18 = 5

Too close to call - I'd expect Pashee, Jastina, Robbiola and Russia to be safe, but that's as far as I'm sticking my neck out! I voted for the first time - Pashee, no brainer, and Brendulu for using one of my fave songs, doing it justice and not wanting to see them go home on that dance.

And, I have to say, the band and singers were awesomeness personified tonight! And the judges seem to have realised they've been far too generous in previous weeks and have decided to tighten things up a bit! It's fingernail nibbling time ...

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