Sunday, 16 October 2011

Strictly Come Dancing Result Show, Week Three

The Pro dancers wow us with a West Side Story medley, a real showstopper to cap Broadway week.

The Moment of Truth #1 - Safe: Audalie; Aleames; Rorin; Artolly; Robinita; Robbiola

Bottom Two: Danya. I feared the worse, sadly, it just wasn't memorable enough, really drew the short straw with the Queen musical - not showbizzy, not jazzhandy enough. And I can't see any of those left being in the bottom two except Antonollio and I really don't think they're leaving yet.

Len praises Dan and expresses surprise - we're entertained by the 2011 class of Footloose, Julianne Hough (two time DWTS champion and sister of Cheryl Cole's possibly other half Derek) and Kenny Wormauld, contemporary slowy then the rock'n'roll/break dancing of the title song.

Len's Lens shows Lulu's angelic, dewey, juicy face; Aleames stunning lines; Nancy's slamming around the dance floor, Jason's mucho macho to mucho campo switch, Len cooling himself with the 9 paddle and Russell just so in the moment again.

The Moment of Truth #2 - Safe: Brendulu; Harriona; Jastina; Russia and Pashee - it's Antonollio versus Danya. Bruno says there's a sense of anticipation with Nancy, like lighting a firecracker, you'll never know where she'll land!

But first, Susan Boyle sings Unchained Melody, with a beautiful rumba courtesy of Vincent and Flavia to accompany - the standation is for them.

Clauds asks the two in danger how they feel: Dan, stoic "we were in the bottom three with the judges" and Nancy, sad "it's such a magical world to be in".

The Final Moment of Truth: It's Danya to leave. Never stood a chance, really, I lived in hope but Queen doesn't even whisper Broadway let alone shout it. There are so many better musicals they could have used. You don't mind when someone leaves having performed to their potential, but both the criticism compared to others, and that song choice was pretty unfair and leaves a very unsatisfying feeling. We'll see them on the sofa tomorrow.


  1. We predicted that ending here too :o/
    Glad that Nancy was in the bottom two though - can't stand her! At least it proves she doesn't have the support so hopefully won't last much longer. I think it would be better if she could only learn to shut her trap every now and again!

    Loved Rory, Russell and of course Jason. Campest Tabgo ever! :o)

  2. It's pretty tight though isn't it - those leaderboard draws are going to cost someone near the top I think.

  3. I am no fan of Nancy... but I am enjoying Bruno's response to her at the judges' desk.

    In complete agreement about how the music choice let Dan down. Shame.

    Roll on next week!

  4. I'm hoping for some decent music choices next week - hope they don't just repeat last year