Sunday, 9 October 2011

Strictly Come Dancing Result Show, Week Two

Straight into a Latinfest pro dance to Edge of Glory - Tess in beige and armour and Clauds is back, yay! Recap and Moment of Truth #1:

Safe: Robbiola; Brendulu; Jastina; Aleames; Artolly; Pashee
Bottom Two: Audalie!

Alesha disappointed, he wasn't the worst, came out and tried so hard. Doesn't deserve to be there. Bruno says Alex has to keep refining, retain the energy and self confidence for Latin.

Over to Clauds - to Robbie, re the brolly: "If it rains now, you'll go outside and say 'Play havoc with my hair'"

Will Young and new single Come On. Yes, come on, let's get him on Strictly properly, he's fab! His dancers must be well hacked off though, being made to wear those wigs, what an appalling look - fire the stylist! Ooops, and a wardrobe malfunction at the end there!

The judges with Clauds and Len's Lens - every move they make, every step they take etc. Antonollio all went pear shaped; Pashee the bootylicious babe, eat your heart out Beyonce; Robbie's panache and style; Robinita's professionalism. And The Grant - the ecstasy, high as a kite, danced with gusto.

Broadway week next week, whoop! Auditions underway, featuring Holly and Russell in The Can Can; Technicolour Jason; Rory and Nancy in Mary Poppins; Anita and Lulu in Aladdin; Edwina and Chelsee in Wicked; Robbie, Dan and Harry do Swan Lake; Alex and Audley are the panto cow!

The Moment of Truth #2:
Safe: Robinita; Rorin; Danya! Yay! Harriona; Russia
Bottom Two: Vinwina!

Which means Antonollio leap frogged at least three other couples! The Antonettes have got his back again!

It's Audalie versus Vinwina in the Final Moment of Truth: Vinwina are gone! She thanks Vincent, he says he didn't expect to have so much fun with her being a politicianist! They dance away to Bye Bye Love. Till next week, 6.35pm.


  1. Oh, so true about Will Young's dancers. They looked to me like they were channeling Flavia (badly) with those wigs on.

    Wasn't Russell Fab? And the slow-mo of Len's lens really showed it.

  2. lol at channeling Flavia, so true! Yes, Russell, Anita too - so into it. Great to see :)