Friday, 28 October 2011

Strictly Come Dancing: It Takes Two - Panel Ponderings

Pashee on the sofa and Chelsee (magical mover) says that when the pressure's on you just have to get on with it - 12 hours training last week, even less this. But their Tango, to Love Potion NO.9, looks great.

Dancer in disguise - I'm going for Aliona.

Into the studio with Aleames and Alex (Valley Vamp) says the atmosphere is scary and creepy - but that's hanging around with James for you. He's generally annoying her to bring out the aggression in their Paso Doble - they've renamed the appels Craig. Looked good too, before they started mucking about.

Artolly, back on the sofa and Holly (Scream queen) is asked if Artem can improve "no, he's perfect in every way!" Their American Smooth will be to the Black Swan, it's dramatic ballet and looks lovely in training.

What are the celebs most scared of? The live show lead up - nerves - the voice over man - unpredictable - letting their pro down - Craig - scoring a 1 - waiting for the result - the week they're out.

Friday Panel - Alesha, Daniel O'Donnell and John Partridge. Russia - specialist says he's fine to dance tomorrow and a little procedure after will ensure he's good to go next week too, they have a samba to Kylie's Better The Devil You Know - natural bounce action. Robinita tango to Devil Woman, technically strong but still lacking a little fluidity; Antonollio rumba to Spooky, definitely no fluidity; Robbiola Paso Doble to Bad, seem to be walking through it still - I hope! Audalie jive to Little Shop of Horrors - not sure this will be his dance; Jastina quickstep to Bewitched is looking completely fab, fleet of foot.

Dancer in disguise: Brendan!!! Ha ha, oops. Sorry, Brenda.

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