Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Strictly Come Dancing: It Takes Two - Stair ways to hell.

Antonollio on the sofa and Nancy (Cape-a-bull) says it's difficult to decide emotions, glad she stayed, sad Rory went and they can't change the show! Is the Upside Down move now their trademark? "'Ave it!" says Anton (Italian's stallion), and "I know where the floor is, I can feel it under my feet!" in response to Zoe's "She's only inches from the floor!" They're not revealing if the rumba is frightening or fabulous. Nancy's been asking around about what a rumba is ... "a firm handshake" says Anton. "Making love on the dance floor," says Nancy, cuddling up and grabbing hold of him: "Are you comfortable, Anton?" "I've got my underpants on back to front actually." He's learning Italian and says Nancy's doing a marvellous job for a girl from Croydon ...

Karen's Choreography Corner: Jastina was on his toes, heel leads would've made it stronger; Aleames too much on the floor and as for being sexy, weee-llll: Pay attention Women! We have angles - elbows, wrists, hips, bust, knees - all she has to do is use them! Pashee with loaded content: kicks and flicks; rondes; barrel rolls, perfect body contact; Brendulu and she's having a carnival party that included us all - didn't need the stairs -what is it with them and the stairs - Zoe and Karen are cordoning them off next week. Audalie is building the content, contra check, slip pivots, he mastered them very well; Harriona's rise and fall alone was incredible, natural swing and sway, keep showing him off though, don't just stand there on the stairs! Russia shoulder shrugs should be with the body not the arms but natural when learning; Artolly on tiptoeing round the fleckerl, should be two steps forward and one behind. Sounds easy, doesn't it? Robbiola lovely light flicks and kicks.

Widdy's Question Time: What's your karaoke tune? Pasha - none, too embarrassing; Brendan - Elton; Vincent: That's Amore. Pasha then settles on Bad!

Robinita on the sofa and Anita (Smooth Operator) thought there was a horrible twist and that she would be sent home! They've Tango to Devil Woman, she's falling in love with it and Robin (he just wants to make her sweat) says there'll be no faffing about at the start, just straight into it!

Fabulous Fashion To Finish, with Julian McDonald and Oona on the sofa. Lulu's was Julian's fave, so modern, so unexpected, flashdance, off the shoulder, batwing, swags and tails, lots of godets to give it a kick, used it like a can can dress; Holly a tale of two dresses, top half couture, art deco, geomeric, bottom half classical, sway and over the rainbow - with 9000 crystals that took 8 hours! Chelsee inspired by Britney's Toxic - which was styled by Julian, his eyes almost fell out, amazing kingfisher blue and blue is the hottest colour for next summer *Cheers, I'll be trendy for once* young, sexy, modern, the high street will be copying. The hat is the new fascinator!

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