Monday, 24 October 2011

Strictly Come Dancing: It Takes Two - Rorin Run Out

Rorin on the sad sofa and Rory (Lasting impression) says they had more to do and he gave it all he had, and, self deprecatingly as usual, that his idea of a good dance is to finish it quicker than do it better. Erin (Cha cha for now), in response to pro dance/judge spats, says the pros know what their celebs are capable of, she wouldn't change anything about the cha cha if she had the chance. Emotional vids and everyone is snivelling now ...

Craig (Paddle Power) on the sofa for the dance debrief: Harriona - as a choreographer and director he encourages storytelling, but it didn't get more than an 8 because being out of hold revealed a lot of flaws, specially with the arms. Apparently, they are allowed 10 seconds out of hold - it seems a lot longer than that; Aleames - the sexless remark wasn't personal, she is sexy - but the dancing could be sexier, needed hip action, all his analogies are aimed at the dancing; Antonollio - Nancy goes for it, takes the ideas, incorrigible and brave, needs technical work obviously - and says Anton could do more to cover up her mistakes; Pashee - it didn't have the polish it needed for a 10 but dynamic, brilliant, a million steps; Jastina - bit kangarooish, skipping, galloping, loses strength, paso is demanding shape wise. He's not a dancer, he's a great singer and actor but was never a dancer, he has weaknesses.

Robbiola on the sofa and Robbie (jive and kicking) says the nose is fine, 'cept he can't breathe properly ... Zoe presents him with a bill for the camera! Ola (shut and jive) says he totally sold the dance with his personality. Production have fun with a spoof hair advert: Strictly Savage Shampoo, because he's, yeah, that. They've a trick-filled masculine paso for Halloween!

Dr. Pam (no couch slouch) says the females are feeling the pressure! On Aleames, James is an authoritarian - my way or highway - but there's teasing, they're having fun; on Antonollio, she defies analysis, Anton's brilliant, you can be tough but with the right tone, smile and tease, he's able to be hard on her; on Brendulu, he recognises that she learns differently to others, she's responding to beats instead of numbers; on Pashee, he can be stern and parental but gets the response he needs with a playful slap on the bum.

That's it? 30 minutes up already, I swear it gets shorter the more the series goes on ...

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