Thursday, 20 October 2011

Strictly Come Dancing: It Takes Two - Savage Styling!

Breaking news ... not, it's been all over the papers - Len will be away for the weekend 5th/6th November and taking his place *fanfare* Dancing With The Stars reigning champ, Jennifer Grey, she of NobodyPutsBabyInTheCorner fame, iconic dance movie Dirty Dancing.

Training snapshot #1: Rorin cha cha - getting jiggy with it; Jastina Paso Doble exciting; Russia arrogant - Barbara Cartland Does Rambo; Audalie foxtrot not looking too bad; Harriona waltz, elegant creative choreography.

Robbiola on the sofa, a bit worried about the jive on his own but I've seen worse - Happy Birthday for Tuesday, Robbie (Fake Tan-go). Ola (O' de Savage) was as nervous dancing at the football match as Robbie on the dance floor - it was she who went wrong! The fans had threatened to sing naughty songs, Robbie refrained. Goughie is giving him tips - so maybe we'll see the caterpillar make an appearance again on Saturday! Dancing to Otis Redding! Loving that! They are going to restyle the hair - orange mohican? Travolta mullet? Elton John? Or cut it all off? "No, I've got a big nose, it'd look enormous!" Zoe: "You know what the say!" Cheeky!

Costume corner with Vicky in wardrobe: Catsuit alert - for Alex! Chelsee in Britney air hostess number; Russell, excitable, takes up the whole rhinestone budget; the secret frock, who's wearing that? A clue - designed for lifts: Anita then!

Jastina on the sofa and they were slightly concerned that Len might not have liked the Priscilla break. Jason (Don-o-good job) suffers asthma, Kristina (Russian Roula-la) could hear him wheezing behind her feathers ..."a lot of women would pay for that" - Zoe - she's on it tonight, naughty lady. They're prepared for being knocked off the top spot but they still want it all - dancing to Queen!

Training snapshot #2: Aleames rumba technique suspect but she'll get it; Artolly VW - struggling with posture and balance; Brendulu samba - if she can stay upright, fab, she's loving it, look likes it suits her; Antonollio Paso Doble bit stiff, nice jump; Pashee quickstep is quick, still struggling to keep up;

Robinita AS expect great lifts! They're on the sofa - Anita (a neater dancer) disappointed her scores went down, Robin (king of quiffs) surprised, he thought the jive better than the salsa. The wig is back. Horrible but yes, Nick Cotton! Dancing to I've Got You Under My Skin - perfect! He's a machine, she's light as a feather, he'll just throw her up and juggle her a bit!

Roll end credits - time for the Savage stylee to return - it's a Jedward Beehive!

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