Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Strictly Come Dancing: It Takes Two - Wednesday Warm Up

Eleven different styles this week, eleven! The big question, is, will we be able to tell which ones are which? #liftgate #discobreaks etc ...

Brendulu on the sofa and Lulu (hauled over the cole) has been swept off her feet in more ways than one, while Brendan (Loves lift music) drops in about all the other lifts ... Brendan, backed up by video evidence, says the samba is looking really good, shows rhythm, good hip action and fluidity. Focusing on sambaland when she's not in Lululand.

Dancers in Disguise - it's a girl this time, I think, and I'm going for Erin.

Waite's Wednesday Warm-Up #1: Robinita - American Smooth, we'd like to see her smoother, soften the knees for fluidity, the grabbing hand needs refining; Antonollio paso doble, staccato suits her, good heel leads, lots of wobbling, needs a stronger core; Artolly's VW has interesting armography at the beginning of the routine, we don't see much else; Aleames rumba begins like Ravel's Bolero *interesting* very controlled, James' trademark, release the body for more fluidity; Pashee quickstep, bit concerned re the hold, she's hanging on, Charleston very good, elbow dropping, clawed hand.

Audalie on the sofa and Audley (Box-er office hit) is glad he didn't fall over, almost, but nicely recovered. Nat (Quick quick Lowe) has never yelped or screamed so much in an elimination round. Rise and fall in the foxtrot is killing his feet but getting him feet so he considers re-entering the ring again next year. And he tells David Haye he must do SCD! Oh. Yes. Please.

Waite's Wednesday Warm-Up #2: Jastina paso doble has fantastic choreography from Kristina but Jason needs more arm shaping and hips underneath; Rorin cha cha and Latin not his thing but Erin can turn him into a dancer, needs to choreograph his arms; Robbiola jive a big surprise, doing really well, lots of steps, he's really enjoying himself; Russia tango in a tank top, get shoulders down and elbows up, he's dancing the lady part for a few seconds *thumbs nose at Craig* looking great though!

Harriona on the sofa and Harry (Hey Judd) really enjoyed the jive, he wasn't terrified. Aliona (Harry Spotter) says they dance equally together, really helps. They're aiming for the summer holiday time with Sandy version of Danny Zuko for their waltz.

Dancer in disguise is ... Flavia! A least I got the sex right!

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