Monday, 17 October 2011

Strictly Come Dancing: It Takes Two - Dosvi-Danya

Danya on the sofa and it appears Dan (lobbed out) and Katya (Kat-ya later) concentrated far too much on trying to dance instead of trying to capture the showbiz spirit. I'm being sarcastic - I can see me losing my patience if everyone else left continues to not concentrate on dancing ... they thought they'd go, Antonollio are very entertaining. Dan reckons they stripped him naked and threw him out 10 minutes after the results. "Even Fiona Phillips lasted 4 weeks" quips Zoe.

Craig (Revels in critique) on the sofa - of Brendulu he says he loves a lift as much as anyone but rules is rules and he's going to keep penalising; Chelsee is bendy legged and too disco and he hopes her top half doesn't motor along without her feet in the quickstep; Anita needs to keep her legs together and finish her lines, he's borrowing Robin's wig next week; Robbiola have confidence, most important. And aggression, he's well studied with the right attitude; thrilled we saw Harry's personality, not just his wonderful sculpted chest and polished pecs; Antonollio was ragdoll city, nightmare but brave. Paso Doble next! He's loving Kristina and what she's doing with Jason.

Artolly on the sofa and Holly (smoking hot) enjoyed the acting, she feels more confident as someone else and she might choreograph killing Artem (He had it coming) into the routine every week. VW next week.

Backstage mission: Anton, on witnessing the celebs joining the pro dance "I saw a pile up on the M25 just like that ..."

Dr. Pamela Stephenson (Dance detective) on the bar stool, appraising the relationships: Jastina - very alike, Aussie theatre training similar to Russian. He's intense, curious, immune to her flirtatiousness; Harriona like twins, beautifully matched, she's so seductive, getting the best out of him, he's loving being dominated by the sexy Russian; Audalie some concerns - he's never met anyone like Nat, equally physically competitive, she expects the best; Robbiola are the Dazzle Twins! Wonderful athlete, animal on the pitch, vulnerable off it, needs Ola to be good mummy - but she can be bad mummy also! Russia a very good match, focused, gives her control but a big personality can be hard for an introvert like Flavia; Rorin a very good pairing, lots of respect, he doesn't mind being bossed, she brings him out of his frustration. That's it, girls next week!

In other news - Lulu won the Sacla' Women of the Year Lifetime Achievement Award!

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