Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Strictly Come Dancing: It Takes Two- Wednesday Warm-Up!

Zoe hasn't lost it - the jazz hands are out but first - congratulations Sir Brucie, who was officially given his Knighthood today.

Antonollio on the sofa and Nancy (Tickles your nancy) has mixed emotions, happy to be saved, sad someone had to go; there'll be subtitles next week, so we know whether to laugh or cry! She agreed that looking up her dress must have been an incredible exciting moment for Len! Anton (Nancy's boy) said the tango is going very nicely - no comedy! They do have a great partnership so be prepared for a shock exit this week ...

Dancer in Disguise: Hm, tougher this time - quite small, initial thought is Vincent, or possibly even Flavia. Pesky lion suit.

Waite's Wednesday Warm-Up #1: Se-Ven styles of dance, difficult to compare but ... Robinita jive - symmetrical; Artolly tango - lyrical; Brendulu rumba - a perfect standing Eros, the hardest step, if only she could walk without falling over! Aleames VW - quality of movement has improved again but hold still wrong; Pashee cha cha - confident, will suit cheeky Chelsee.

Jastina on the sofa and Jason (Any dance will do) says it's the great feeling you get from performance that drives him; Kristina (loving the leaderboard) says not every dance will suit but he's an amazing pupil. Tango to I Will Survive from Priscilla, I already can't wait - Monet versus Gilbert and George! And he might be in drag, or not!

Waite's Wednesday Warm-Up #2: Rorin quickstep - few issues, stray leg, tricky steps, coping well, fluid; Harriona jive - long intro without jive, bit of swing, flicks and kicks eventually look good; Danya VW - suits him, close the gap in the oversway, difference between a 6 or a 7; Audalie quickstep - early days, needs to dance through the body to hand or step finish, pedestrian at present; Robbiola tango - not happy with hold, needs to be stronger.

Russia on the sofa and Russell (still Mama Rose) expected tolerance, not standing ovations - Happy Anniversary to James and Ola, eight years today! Every day is a joy, he's dancing in his sleep but Moira, the producer, won't let him wear his can can outfit till later in the series. Foxtrot - to Don't Rain On My Parade!

Dancer in Disguise - the Reveal: It's Vincent! Am now slightly scaring myself - I'm not really that obsessed, surely? End credits - Vincent in The Lion Sleeps Tonight.

In other news - it's goes against all my beliefs and my eyes are screaming "No, no, take it away ..." Jason Gardiner strips off for charity. I'm thinking they could at least have spray tanned him, maybe a shave ...

There's an extended version of the Broadway trailer ...

Brucie has a new album due out, which features a duet of Smile with his granddaughter.

Adult lifestyle show Erotica has dropped it's Strictly theme. Although it will still feature dancing, there'll be no sign of a glitter ball!

The Daily Mail reports that Nancy was going to sue over the champagne jibes. LMFAO. Says more about the Mail again, I think, rather than Nancy. They're becoming more like The Scatter everyday. I mean, if you're going to quote at least get the quotes right - Bruno never mentioned a brand ... and it takes two of them to write it! Dear Mr.Editor, whatever you're paying them, I can do it for less. Seriously. I could take every line I write about the show and come up with a whole fresh article just like they do! Thank you for your time ...

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