Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Strictly Come Dancing: It Takes Two - Dress Release

Audalie on the sofa and Audley (off the hook) felt the dance deserved more, it's the best they've danced it. New shoes now, 27 people worked over three weeks to get them ready! Closing the door - checking his turn so he doesn't punch Nat (Lowe-down and dirty). The Humming Man has a foxtrot this week, was supposed to be samba ...

Rorin on the sofa and Erin (Boag-ie nights) has gone for a New Romantic look; Rory (Boag-ie's Man) needs to not be so hard on himself - there's self deprecating and being positive and then there's sounding like you want sympathy votes, so stop it! Erin can have any man she wants every day; Rory says you wouldn't want Craig breaking any bad news to you, nor would he be good in a hostage situation. He's getting to grips with Craig and Bruno, impression wise, Len needs work - and then he can have a go at Alesha's Muttley snigger. Stunning impression of Jason, if you'd closed your eyes you'd have believed he'd invaded the sofa!

Zandra Rhodes (I take back all my previous comments - I met her fairly recently at a lecture and I can tell you, she is an incredibly inspiring woman. So she can wear whatever she likes) and Oona O'Hagen on the sofa for the dress release - Alex in Hawaiian pink, movement, weight, 16 godets, perfect for foxtrot, jewelled sweetheart neckline, 4000 blue tinged iridescent crystals; Chelsey's very clever trousers, tight, fringy - 10 metres of material, looks skimpy but heavily constructed; Anita's bold spot, Carmen Mirandery headgear, severe halter softened by ruffles; Nancy's 9000 crystals took a day and a half to sew, flesh through mesh took our eyes of her feet (Zoe's words, not mine!)

Aleames on the sofa and Alex (Fox-y Lady) was still nervous but could hide behind the fan, which James (keeping up with the Jones) cleverly made her shake to hide her shaking! But very pleased, she's picking up things more quickly and understanding how her body moves. Teacher's Pet now! VW this week, difficult music!

Karen Hardy's Choreography Corner: Robbiola so clever, style and panache, took control, acting, relationship between them, perfect timing, driving across the floor in hold; Pashee alternating underarm turns - never seen before, Pasha stamping his mark, exciting, huge lift for week 2, more to come; Jastina and Jessica Rabbit, took the Bugsy era, gave him a role to play, very strong, comfortable but there are faults with top line, arms too parallel, should be 'L' shaped, powerful performance, time to work on it; Artolly will never excite Len with walking and knicker flashing, steps need to join together like a jigsaw to create the flow of the dance; Brendulu so clever, in teaching hold so he could guide, cared about her, technically lots wrong but she got the steps; Antonollio all goes horribly wrong when her feet finally hit the floor after the opening! Till the morrow, same time.

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