Monday, 10 October 2011

Strictly Come Dancing: It Takes Two - Edwina's Exit!

Vinwina on the sofa and Edwina (Feeling blue) couldn't bear to watch the show, so sad for Vincent (Ciao Bella) who thinks the judges were overly harsh and he now can't sleep at night, thinking what he could have done differently. And he wants to be a politicianist when he retires ...cue soppy vids; she's looking for a Latin teacher in Stockport - if you're a young male Latin teacher in Stockport, be afraid. Be very afraid ...

Points of You: "Like a giant hugging a hobbit" When Audley hugged Vincent!

Craig (Dancing Revel-ation) on the sofa says Edwina was the right one to go - it was a little D.U.L.L. and of the others: Audley got into the groove and released; Chelsey wasn't earthed, sporadic, bit more control needed; Lulu - relief, rumba next, bit concerned as she's short of bone; Jason not perfect but he's an entertainer; Harry and Russell, same score? Cannot compare, two different dances, Harry's posture all wrong; Rory "What can he do to improve?" "Be more talented!" Holly ahead of the beat, throw caution to the wind; Nancy "What can Anton do?" "Not a lot. Pray. She's going at him like a lobster!"???? I'd love to peek inside Craig's head, to see the pictures he sees when he's watching the dances ...

Behind the scenes with DancerCam - Russell to give Robbie camp lessons; Vincent: "It's good for the audience to meet me so they realise I'm not just a fantasy!" Pashee being squeezed into his shirtpants *ahem*.

Danya on the sofa - we all looked up lumpestuous (it doesn't exist) and Dan (Mr. Lobber Lobber) is still confused by the judges! Katya (Playing Kat-ch up) wanted them to have fun, hence the Lobb Step (the round and round move!) He's a joker: Why do elephants have big ears? Katya: I don't know - Dan: Cos Noddy won't pay the ransom *bboom* Katya: Who's Noddy? And then the bear who walks into a bar ..... and orders a pint. Why the paws? Because I'm a bear. *cue tumbleweed* Someone in production is going to pay for that! VW next. Hm, Broadway. Hm, repeating songs - who votes 'Memory'?

Robbiola on the sofa and Robbie (off the bench) thinks he was overmarked, to cries of "no, no" from everyone, don't say that! It was one of the best moments of his life, felt like he was wanted, with everyone shouting his name, aw. Ola (Umbrola-ola-ola - I think I'm slightly in love with caption man, or have a girl-crush if it's a she!) says it's great to have judges comments like that! Tango next, the bar is raised. The spins are difficult, what's a spot? He's still overwhelmed, hope he's recovered by Saturday, Tango = aggressive!

End credits - Hairplay.

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