Thursday, 6 October 2011

Strictly Come Dancing: It Takes Two - Bring on the Tools!

It's the latest training updates - ballroom boys first: Harriona are looking so elegant, even through Harry's pain;likewise Robbiola, very smooth in hold, out of it needs more finesse; Jastina also going well, although he's having to work much harder - they're on the sofa ...

Jason (Aussie Rules) says it was such a big buzz on Saturday it's difficult to re-focus, it was one of only a handful of moments in his life that gave him such a lift. Kristina (Next door neighbour) is feeling dizzy - she's never topped the leader board before, or had such amazing comments from the judges! He's worried about his serious face and his legs going to jelly on the telly, but he has nailed a smooth Bugsy Malone character!

Foxy ladies training - Aleames struggling with her arms but timing looks good; Brendulu and she's struggling to keep up "it's a beautiful interpretation of something" says Brendan; Vinwina struggling with technique and elegance but working hard. They're on the sofa ...

Edwina (Poppa-dame) says her daughter is having sequin parties, that's how into it the family are. Vincent (Side dish) says the hardest challenge of his life is getting her to do as she's told. There could be murder on the dance floor on Saturday; not sure whether to cry or smile over the foxtrot yet.

Salsa ladies - Pashee freaking out, very fast, but she's going to be fab if she nails it; Robinita making their own musical accompaniment and it all looks to be there; Artolly again getting the routine but still has to let go; Antonollio - Anton will have to get his shirt off, still stompy, no fluidity. I can hear Craig now - brace yourselves.

Salsa gents - Danya - massive throwy type lift, reminiscent of Artara's one-armed finish thingy last year, athletic and natural, just needs sexy. Katya's happy! Audalie has hips and he's funky. Nat says he's like a sponge, remembers well - she's happy too! Rorin are looking fluid, quick feet - could be a very nice surprise! Russia's still loving it, lots of shimmying and shaking going on! They're on the sofa ...

Zoe reveals - Russell (Shell suited) used to babysit Claudia! The most random collection on a sofa ever - matching cushions and dresses, no shoes, recycling feather boas, being psychic and, he wants his costume NOW: Lots of ruffles for Russell!

D'you know what, we could be seeing a tale of two halves on the leader board this weekend - the top half male and the bottom half female, judging from these snippets!

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