Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Strictly Come Dancing: It Takes Two - Wednesday Warm Up

Artolly on the sofa and Holly (Holl Lotta Talent) says the wardrobe department are incredible. They didn't supply those, frankly, quite weird shoes she's wearing. Artem (Chig the champ) in Terminator 2: The Return. He's amazed she hasn't walked out. Salsa is goooooood, with the emphasis on doubtful.

Dancer in Disguise - can we recognise him? I'm sure it's a him, I can't imagine one of the ladies wearing that gorilla suit- it would appeal to the more macho of the men and style-wise, I'm thinking James.

Waite's Wednesday Warm-Up #1 After a brief sojourn to the vintage year of Zoe and Ian, Ian gives us the low down so far this week - foxtrots first: Brendulu - Lulu doing brilliantly well, yay! Heel turns! Robbiola could be really good, foxtrot technique excellent, keep arms up. Impeccable footwork. Ooooh! Vinwina - keeps eye contact, focused. Aleames much more at home and relaxed, left shoulder too far forward, make space. Jastina quality of movement, gorgeous long neck just like Ian's, lovely big strides, looks amazing - another good weekend ahead!

Antonollio on the sofa - What happened? Nancy (Boa constricted) said the stole was supposed to stay on the chaise lounge! When did you realise it was going wrong? Anton (Beke to basic) The Thursday before! Cut to mics during the performance and Anton's stream of encouragement - Nancy: What are you doing? Anton: Dancing. Keep going. Disappointed they couldn't show the dance, it was sweeping and musical. Salsa this week - bit stompy, no hips.

Points of You: Graham says Anton should have stopped and asked for a re-run; Karen asks: Did anyone else see Brendan nearly fall down the stairs and then give it some nonchalance?

Waite's Wednesday Warm-Up #2 - Salsas: Danya, using his height to good effect, big lift; Pashee - snakey hips, mirroring perfectly; Audalie - could move a lot more, get on the balls of his feet; Robinita doing really well, having the time of her life, needs releasing into her hips; Rorin needs more fluidity and rhythm, co-ordinate arms and hips; Russia - shimmmmy shimmmmyyyyy ...but why has Flav got the offending boa? Surely not?

Dancer in Disguise - the Reveal: It's James! Yay. I should've tweeted cos I bet you won't believe me!

Harriona on the sofa. Harry (When Harry met Ali) said it helped having the McFly boys there and Aliona (I'll have what she's having) said she does respect and listen to the judges but doesn't take it on board! Harry not so comfortable with the hip action, thinks it too womanly. Frankly Harry, in that video, that was mincing, let's say it as it is. Foxtrot looking quite lovely though, the armography particularly - hence they've renamed it the swantrot! Roll credits!

In other news, Len Goodman is on Who Do You Think You Are tonight, 9pm, BBC1. Yes, I know - it's probably past that now - there's always i-player! And Alesha Dixon will be hosting the MOBOs live with Jason Derulo from 10pm on BBC3.

The Guardian asks: Who should join Jessie J on the judging panel of The Voice, the Beeb's version of an American show, where the judges don't see the performers during their audition (although, as someone points out, the producers probably do and we all know how X-Factor/BGT work). But I may be tuning in, just in case we do discover a new Luther Vandross!

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