Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Strictly Come Dancing - It Takes Two: Dancing debrief!

We've Aleames, Robinita, Danya and Karen Hardy's Choreography Corner! Like the Singing Corner (remember that?) only with more sequins!

And a wardrobe malfunction, as Zoe's bangle catches her sparkly jumper, unravels and tips her into Aleames' laps*; they're first on the sofa. *almost

Alex (Welsh One-der) was embarrassed with the sexy solo - since her dad was right there! James (Dancer Defender) says Craig was too harsh, no-one was being eliminated, he could've been more encouraging; he knocked some of the contestants for six and now they all have to deal with the confidence issues. Foxtrot next and there's already improvement - and they have a prop *eek*!

Choreography Corner #1 - Friday: Artolly - Artem the king - dynamic - interacting - speed changes - but Holly - eyes UP! Brendulu - meltdown tv - car crash - dancing is a leveller - must deliver the steps! Audalie - clever Nat - 3 days training - quite magical - swishes - turns - needs steps! Robbiola - Leading - brings her in - takes her down - in a partnership it's all about the woman, Ola will feel like a million dollars - he's got time - he's fabulous - great body too! Russia - the John Travolta days - if he does panto all the way through, we'll get bored - make him dance! Robinita - quintessential waltz - encases - presents - makes her feel like a lady.

Danya on the sofa and Dan (Danny Long Legs) is confused by the comments, some harsh, some not. Katya (Kat-ya if you can) says he WILL be hitting great lines. Passionate partners - if I yell at you, it's because I love you! Salsa next, looking good, he may be a Latin man and he's going for it 100%! That's what I want to hear!

Introducing Pasha, the newbie. Women want him, men want to be him, 'cept the professionals, who hate him. But not really ;)

Choreography Corner #2 - Saturday: Pashee - ending was too much - but no-one expected her to turn into a lady - less is more next time! Antonollio - shame - she's a prop herself, nothing else needed - got to come out with a rocket Salsa routine next week; Jastina - double whammys - yes, I'm loving this; yes I'm good - great dancing - great choreography - committed; Harriona - lack of hip action - so talented - great things going on - partnering - arms; Rorin - musicality - delivery - classic theatre work; Vinwina - hip action and having a good time!

Robinita on the sofa, general consensus is they're one of the best pairings ever. Both very emotional, Robin (Robin reliant) is welling up again. Anita (Wife of Brian) says it's their shared sense of humour. There may be a Queen tune in their repertoire, possibly! He can be happy or unhappy bobby, but she just calls him squirrel - he can get a lot of grapes in his mouth. Salsa next - it's insane, fast, fantastic - credits are rolling!

In other news - Nigel Lythgoe will be awarded the honorary International Emmy Founders Award at the ceremony on November 21st. And Dancing on Ice stars, Dan, Katie and Stuart turned out for the BIDCA charity ball.


  1. Props?! Oh dear Nancy, just when you thought it was safe to go back on the dance floor...

  2. It's not looking that safe without props either ... ;/