Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Strictly Come Dancing: It Takes Two - Turn around, bright hair and teeth!

Karen casts her eye over the weekend, but first ...

Antonollio on the sofa but "why are you so far away" says Nancy (Rome wasn't built in a day), pulling Anton closer. Anton (Beke from the brink) berates the judges for not crediting the celebs solo work and says they're dancing for the people, not the judges. He's rebelling, he might even take his tie off! "As much as I love Claudia I don't want to see her again" says Nancy. Their paso doble will have lifts and a troupe of matadors and horses!

Choreography Corner: Artolly terrific routine but could have been a pop show - ballroom dancing means they should dance together; Robinita brave and brilliant, great content, jiving and bouncing; Rorin the music so special, tells the celeb what steps to do, got into character, very clever; Brendulu fabulous lift, height, leg position, toes, landing but no no no with lifts - trickery - will come back and bite them on the bum later; Audalie repetition of steps, clever, but by the 4th time he's tired; Robbiola turns, spinning, you might have motion sickness but you're in it for the long run. Turn is the elegance of dance! Russia beautiful content, he's living the dream, Flav got it perfect, razzle dazzle bit, back into hold, that song, that Broadway, fantastic; Jastina in competition of the campest, then back into intensity, loved it; Pashee can handle fast choreography but needs to master technique; Harriona needed a great jive but as show goes on judges will demand more content.

Aleames on the sofa and Alex (The cat's whiskers) says Saturdays are terrifying but they have a great time during the week and James (Purr-fect partner) is very pleased, she's improving every week more quickly than he expected. Rumba next - how are they finding it? Hmmmm.

Top of the Frocks: Bruce Oldfield and Oona O'Hagan say you can put Chelsee in anything - this week, it was 1500 bugle beads in a costume that transcended the decades, those beads perfect for cha cha as they spin and twist; Anita - 2 bows and pink, too Minnie Mouse although right for the song. Wired frothy hemline, 4 layers of petticoats, 6 metres of fabric! Lulu in black and white, representing the Phantom, lots of fabric but it worked, crepe base, georgette scarves for a soft romantic silhouette - they were still sewing just before she took to the floor. Holly, a proper woman, underwear as outerwear, very Gaulthier, nude net, can see the tango legwork. Credits rolling, till the morrow.

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