Friday, 21 October 2011

Strictly Come Dancing - It Takes Two: That Friday Feeling

Russia on the sofa and Russell (He's good, I grant you) says he's not a contender, he's 60 and could drop down dead tomorrow! He's being followed around supermarkets and a fan, Margaret followed him into training, parked her shopping bag and demanded a dance! He's getting into a character; he's called Arrogrant, a Scorpio with a Vincent eyebrow and a pout! Flavia (what will she russell up next) confirmed they will reverse the hold - but not this week! Dancing to Sweet Dreams (Vincent and Louisa's?).

Pashee and Chelsee (too cool for school) reveals she was outside "being naughty with Harry" when she banged her head! Must get the Mail tomorrow, just for the fun of it. Pasha (give us a pash) says it's good to challenge her to stop her getting bored - which judging by the school report Zoe reads out is a real possibility! Dancing to Sing Sing Sing - fab, was Ian and Denise's ... #runningoutofsongs

Points of You - anyone else spot Robbie practising his moves behind Antonollio on Saturday night?

Panel Ponderers - Chris de Burgh (cheese burgher) hasn't seen any of this series so far; Ann Widdecombe (just a flying visit) says at least Nancy can dance ... better than her; Tom Ellis (Hart-throb - husband of Tamsin Outhwaite) is a total Strictly nut! He says Nancy has the passion for the paso, could be her best yet. Brendulu dancing to Sir Duke - incidentally, the first proper single I bought, ie. with cash, not a token, not from the bargain bin three years later, but actually when it came out! Fabulous song, looking very groovy, she always brings the party out. Aleames dancing to Leona Lewis' Run - not so sure about that. And could yet struggle with fluidity, according to Tom. Harriona, on the other hand, dancing their waltz to Norah Jones' Come Away With Me, which Chris calls standard restaurant fayre *shock horror* Audalie foxtrot to Dusty Springfield 'I Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself', not sure about that either. Can't fault his enthusiasm. Artolly dancing their VW to my VW song, Pixie Lott's Cry Me Out - if we're not in tears they're doing it wrong. Who do the panel think will win? Ann - Anton (loyalty) Chris - Jason (obvious) Tom - an Antipodean, that's all he's saying!

The celebs on SCD - sense of achievement; passion; love/hate; addictive; such a kick; believe in yourself; go for it; everything I thought it would be; fallen in love with it.

Zoe in the studio with Rorin on the steps; Erin will be fine by tomorrow, she'll have it nailed! Buzz words last week were Happy Feet! Death drop at the end of the cha cha, right at the end but her head's made of rubber, it's fine, she'll bounce back up. Dance to the Music, yeah baby!

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