Monday, 3 October 2011

Strictly Come Dancing: It Takes Two - Back with added bling!

Zoe glides and twirls her way, via the professional men, to the new sparklicious set. Len's Masterclass will never be the same: The only homage to Claudia - the towering stilettos!

Backstage pass: the nerves; the hairspray; the make up; the top quote: "If Faberge did Humpty Dumpty" - Rory, on Russell!

Brendulu on the sofa and Brendan (Coley-Moley) says Lulu (Great Scot) still performed and "when we remember the routine, we'll be a force to be reckoned with!" Who's the boss? Lulu indicates Brendan, who says "it took her a few days!" Yes Woman montage! Yes. No. Wrong? Will you be listening to him more now? "Yes!" Foxtrot next week - and Brendan wants it known he has NOT had plastic surgery, he just changed his hair, all right?

Audalie on the sofa - they only had three rehearsals together before the show! Mucho Kudos! But not so much for the toe treading. Audley's (The Gloves are Off) Strictly Philosophy ... his inner animal ... the benefits of lying ... mountains ... the politics of dance ... Keep Calm and Carry On! Salsa next week - Nat's (Be-Lowe the belt) excited - Audley talks of letting go, the inner animal's on his way to rock it!

Craig (Revel-Headed) flounces in to declare he thoroughly enjoyed the weekend. Loving the contestants, they're all so different and all have strengths and weaknesses. He didn't punish Aleames' illegal lift, early days. Explaining starchy - Alex wasn't dancing through her body, just placing. He called James' backchat stupid and foolish! And he doesn't care if they're all scared!

Of Vinwina, whom he didn't get to comment on, he says: Writhing around to no effect, granny at a wedding. She does have some movement! Antonollio were fine at the beginning - sitting down. Would've strangled her with the stole. Pashee, he liked, even without a single heal lead and the almost falling over. Genuinely excited by the arm use through to beautiful hands. From Russia he would have liked a few more basics, but Russell has great rhythm and he's looking forward to more entertainment from him next week, and also to Lulu getting it right!

Till the morrow, dear folk!

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