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Strictly Come Dancing Week 2 - Robbie tames the savage within!

And we've a sparkly Tess at last! First out - Pashee and their salsa to Higher, a great floor-rockin' start, full of fun and energy not so much of the basic steps and lacking the fluidity - but superb armography made up for it, two different sections fast and perfectly executed, happy to overlook another slight stumble - top lifts! Fab start to the show. Len - was feeling chilly round the willy, warmed me up a treat (he seriously didn't get the hysteria at that comment!) Full on, hair and trousers crazy, calm down, almost too full on but great; Alesha: - Fun, flirty and fearless, bounce and personality, beginning so impressive, could be calmer but rather you go for it than hold back, commend the lifts; Bruno - I love you, the energy of a wild kitten, vivacious and wild, every Tom, Dick and Harry hot under the collar, underarm passes very good; Craig - a little bit bouncy and unearthed, loved the alternating underarm spins, lifts fantastic. Score: 7/7/8/7 = 29

Vinwina with a tango inspired foxtrot, elegant start, pretty dress, credible effort, needs to sort posture, Len won't like all the messin' about but timing there and maintained the romance/leching throughout. Len - too much messin' about - more content needed; Alesha - getting into character, really nice when you were dancing; Bruno - naughty Edwina spending all the time playing footsy with Vincent under the table, like a bendy bus on the floor; Craig - when you fiiinally got into it, hunched of shoulder, balance occasionally questionable, not enough foxtrot. Score: 4/5/5/5/ = 19

Audalie salsa to Don't Stop Till You Get Enough, fun to watch, he's into it, forgot about the balls of his feet though, impressed they nailed the armography, how Nat managed the height difference - not quite bouncy or fast enough but he's got rhythm and a good effort. Alesha - lit up the room, tried so hard, did your best, you were enjoying it, so was I; Bruno - Audley let loose, disco night, more like a hustle, energy great, good to see you let it all go; Craig - flat footed, but not surprising, run ungainly but you've got a groove going and have hip rotation; Len -it's easy to look clumsy but this was neat, nicely placed, everything orderly, Audley. Score: 5/6/6/6/ = 23 The one thing that bothers me about Audalie though - there's no physical contact between them - watch all the others, hands everywhere, all the time - apparently Audley's wife isn't keen on that, if you get my drift - but it means there isn't the closeness there and that will cost them.

Aleames and James is electrocuting her into remembering left from right! Have You Met Miss Jones the song and she acts the part admirably, using both John Prescott and Bruno. Terrific start and a fab routine, much improved, elegant and confident. Bruno - Miss Jones, no idea you were such a glamour puss, equal parts sophistication, sex appeal, elegance, great flow, like a young Joan Collins. Pleasantly surprised! Craig - pivots a bit off centre but ballroom definitely suits you more; Len - little bit wobbly, willowy - the key to this competition is to improve each week and you have; Alesha - understated and really charming, you can dance, believe it. Score: 6/8/7/8 = 29

Danya salsa to Upside Down (like the song but not for a salsa) But ooh, handspring to start, nifty on his feet, plenty of movement, nailed a risky lift, he's got rhythm, less lifts more dancing please. Jolly good effort. Craig - thank you for the handspring and smile, the rest lumpestuous??!! Unattractive, transitions in/out of lifts not good, cut the round and round step "but that's his favourite" cuts in Katya! Len - penguinish dosey-doe but if that's your worst you've a long way to go; Alesha - I don't think my mum would think that unattractive, you've got the goods, commend you on the lifts; Bruno - Mr Lobb - rhymes with Bob the Builder, swinging around like a bag of cement, lumbering and heavy. Score: 4/6/6/5 = 21 Pretty unfair comments and score I think, no credit for the fact that he actually went for it and showed a lot of promise for other Latin.

Brendulu and a redemptive foxtrot, an arty start with the mirror, anyone else holding their breath along with me and Lulu? Apart from a small balance issue and head placement it was well acted and elegant, well choreographer for her by Brendan, redemption achieved. Len - got through it, now work on polish, posture and feet, an improvement; Alesha - so much better, much more focused and in control, very atmospheric, lovely; Bruno - Mirror mirror on the wall, who's the prettiest one of all - you were, played it with the emotional fragility of a teenager in love whose heart is about to be broken, needs polish but you can dance if you want to; Craig - trying to keep up, chasing Brendan and need to decide to look left or right, not at Brendan's chest but lovely pivots and a really gorgeous standing spin. Score: 5/6/7/7 = 25

Artolly salsa and we have a maraca but not for long! Mas Que Nada the song (about the 3rd outing on SCD), but more a samba. Still not as convincing as I'd like her to be, slight error at the start but caught up, once she really let's go she'll be fab - it'll be good to see her ballroom, her lines and posture are too good for us to not see her do that. Alesha - you are a goddess, everything well placed, please just let go, stop questioning yourself, you could be amazing; Bruno - Stunner with a capital 'S' top of the range equipment, a few gremlins to sort out; Craig - some timing issues, limbo straddle need more but whole routine really great; Len - overriding criticism - go faster, apart from the limbo moves thought it was great. Score: 7/7/8/8 = 30

Rorin salsa to Matt and Flavia's song Vehicle - he's quite loose, working his feet and hips and what a shimmy! Actually looked and felt the most traditional salsa tonight! Go Rory - good effort! Bruno - Rory roaring into action full frontal attack *he's up* full of energy, gotta keep the fluidity going *cue Bruno impression*; Craig - like a rat caught on a sticky strip, no movement, I was slightly nervous every step you took; Len - you know how I feel, sat next to you! Not a natural dance for an English bloke (Rory's a Scot but we know what he means!) we don't flaunt our wobbly bits - high energy and give it a go and that's what you've gotta do in the salsa; Alesha - straight in, no messing, lots of personality, loved the shimmying, loosen up a bit. Score: 4/6/6/6 = 22

Robbiola foxtrot with an umbrella prop, oh no! But - very debonair, lovely opening, totally sold it, good timing, charming routine, the brolly did as it should! Well done, lovely surprise of a performance! Len - you little beauty, I'm tellin' ya *laughs at Craig* the more you give the more you get! Alesha - opening section fantastic, light footed, charming, beautiful choreography, right on track; Bruno - hair glistening like spun gold, teeth like piano keys, slick, confident, debonair; Craig - head placement needs sorting but showbiz and showmanship, I loved it! Score: 7/8/7/7 = 29 He's speechless, bless him; Jason's making up for it!

Robinita vocalise their salsa in training, live there's a little mistake early doors but she kept calm and carried on, nailed it thereafter, good fun, great partnership. Len - one or two incidents, fantastic fun fun fun; Alesha - put us all in the mood for cocktails Bruno - tropical tutti frutti cocktails, so much fun; Craig - bit like Bonnie Langford being chased by a barking Dalmation but danced brilliantly. Score: 7/7/7/7 = 28 Brian came in a Cuban shirt to support, isn't that nice?

Jastina foxtrot to Why Don't You Do Right and Jason does - he's giving Kristina the chance to finally express herself. Pure Hollywood, timing wonderful, classily delivered. Alesha - a real showman, committed 100%, mirrored each other, seductive; Bruno - So LA Confidential, great to see! Craig - head position needs attention, bit stiff, classy, stylish, magnificent routine; Len - full of flair and personality, footwork mostly good. Score: 8/8/9/9 = 33

Antonollio starting their salsa with the seduction of Craig and Len. Lifts, bit clumsy on the transitions, specially the last one; plenty of movement and not as stompy as training suggested but lots of mistakes again, I feel quite sorry for her. Bruno - looks like you've had a few gallons of champagne, no idea where you were but great style and glamour; Craig - frenetic, frantic, frenzied, any of those 'f' words *cue mock shock looks*; Len - best bit was the crafty glance up your dress, game girl, few incidents, kept going, well done; Alesha - can't work out whether you were trying to be funny or if it just was, didn't work for me, sorry. Ouch Alesha! Score: 3/5/2/4 = 14

Harriona foxtrot to Just The Way You Are - Bruno Mars, not Billy Joel, strange choice I thought and just didn't get into it - until I watched it again and then I fell under its spell and found it quite lovely - dislike the floor spin in the foxtrot though and while his timing is perfect he needs to show more flair and less deliberate placement. Craig - you can dance BUT Aliona, sort out posture and head, wrist and thumb, could be fantastic; Len- nothing great but nothing terrible, lacked finesse and quality of movement, lift your chin; Alesha - one of the best dancers in this competition, was romantic, use the criticism and turn into a positive; Bruno - something very special, strong, focused, with the right nurturing will be fantastic. Score: 6/6/8/7 = 27

Russia having far too much fun together! Salsa to Dancing Queen, he didn't miss a beat, brilliant fun. But let's see him in ballroom now, I'm sure he'll do fine! Len - put the 'boy' in flamboyant! Alesha - adorable, brilliant for us watching you; Bruno - more glitter than a carnival float, I loved it; Craig - wasn't without flaws but darling, a dancing queen tonight, definitely. Score: 6/6/6/7 = 25

So, to the leaderboard:

Jastina: 32+33=65 14
Artolly: 28+30=58 13
Pashee: 27+29=56 12
Robinita: 28+28=56 12
Harriona: 28+27=55 11
Aleames: 22+29=51 10
Rorin: 27+22=49 9
Robbiola 19+29=48 8
Russia 21+25=46 7
Danya 21+21=45 6
Audalie 20+23=43 5
Brendulu 17+25=42 4
Vinwina 17+19=36 3
Antonollio 12+14=26 2

The scoring system I'm still not in favour of - Pashee and Robinita should have got 11 1/2 points each so the board can wind down to 1. With the Antonettes of the world no doubt uniting, Russia and Robbiola will be safe, which may leave Danya in the danger zone, sadly, possibly with Audalie and Vinwina, I hope Danya are safe as I think there's so much more to come from them.

Results Sunday 7.25pm, BBC 1!

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