Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Strictly Come Dancing Snippets; Louie Spence; NTA

Aleames training seems to be consisting mainly of the hand jive at the moment and in the rare moments we see, Alex looks bit un-coordinated and yes, Bambi-like! Nice arms though!

There are five dance shows in the running for the Best Talent Show award at the National Television Awards: Strictly Come Dancing; Dancing on Ice; So You Think You Can Dance; Let's Dance For Comic Relief and Got To Dance. Also nominated are Britain's Got Talent, X-Factor and Popstar to Operastar. Vote for your winners here.

The BBC have threatened to sue organisers of a raunchy show called Strictly Erotica, which features the famous Glitter Ball in its promotional material along with two ex-dancers, Andrew Cuerden and Hanna Haarala, from Series 3. I'm with the Beeb on this one - SCD is a family show and the Erotica show is clearly anything but. And there are some dippy people out there - none of you, obviously - who will see the Glitter Ball, recognise the dancers and turn up to receive the shock of their lives! Not Good!

Louie Spence on why there won't be another series of Pineapple Dance or his showbiz show.

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