Sunday, 11 September 2011

Strictly Come Dancing Series 9: We have lift off!

And straight into a Lady Ga Ga top hat and cane Pro Dance, very stylish; Aliona paired with Artem and new boy Pasha with Katya.

Sir Brucie (he wasn’t going to mention it) and a canary cullotted Tess – hope the sellotape holds – introduce our cast *cue lots of embarrassed shuffling from side to side to the theme tune* before the partnerships emerge:

Robbie – outer confidence hiding the nerves – is paired with ... Ola! Team Robbiola it is - she’ll have no trouble keeping his attention on her!

Dan – may need the acting coach – gets Katya, so maybe not! Team Danya could surprise.

Harry – earnest little fellow – given Aliona to bring out his naughty side! Team Harriona will be up at the top from week one.

We’re treated to Pasha showing what he can do, helped by the Lady pro’s – but my attention is actually taken with Hayley Sanderson and the band – superb in that!

Chelsee – hoping for a hottie and gets ... Pasha, naturally. Team Pashee might be fabulous, might be a little too much, if they keep on with the showmance stuffage.

Anita - trim but nervous – paired with Robin. Team Robinita could quietly stick around a while.

Lulu – is grabbed by Brendan and given a fireman’s lift up the stairs, her fire’s well and truly lit ... Brendulu are a powerful combo, if Lulu can nail it, Brendan’s ethic will work for them.

Dolly Parton provides the musical interlude, lots of fringing and sequins, that’s the spirit. And is that Lulu, sneaked back down and into the backing vocals? Clever how they edit it all together, isn’t it ;)

Jason – showbiz no problem – paired with Kristina, two happy bunnies. Team Jastina will be front runners.

Rory “once I’ve got the skates on” very drole – Erin to guide. Team Rorin, the thinking fans choice.

That leaves Russell, seemingly very comfortable with the whole caboodle, and Audley, who’s found his smiley face, to be paired with ... Natalie and Flavia. They wouldn’t, would they? No, of course they wouldn’t – Audley and Natalie (Audalie) will the fittest survive? Russell and Flavia (Russia) from Russia with laughs, lots of them!

Another Paso-tastic inspired Pro dance to Sweet Child of Mine, featuring chairs and feathers as well as capes – I think we can safely assume that props will be back again!

Alex – can she top Matt – possibly, she’s got James! Team Aleames should also be in the mix.

Edwina Currie – wanted Artem, got Vincent. Team Vinwina I don’t think will enjoy the same success as Widdyton.

Holly – down to earth, good timing, judging by the banter with Sir Brucie:

Bruce: "How would you feel if my name was in that envelope?"

Holly: "I'd be a lucky girl."


Holly, dead pan to camera: "No".

Artem gets the girl-most-likely-to again (hardly seems fair!) Team Artolly have a lot to live up to.

Nancy and Anton. Team Nanton - can’t see Nancy agreeing to be spun around the floor... or will she?

The Group Dance We’ve All Been Waiting For! Can You Feel It? Jason, Harry, Lulu and Russell the ones who caught my eye, all letting go. Having said that, the complete opposite will happen when we’re off for real on Friday 30th September. Keep an eye on the BBC website for training updates and clips and keeeeeeep dancing!

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