Thursday, 22 September 2011

Strictly Come Dancing - Live show, more rehearsals, line ups.

The line up for each of the opening shows has been released:

On Friday, 30th September it's Aleames; Robinita; Audalie; Danya; Brendulu; Robbiola and Russia.

On Saturday, 1st October it's Pashee; Vinwina; Harriona; Artolly; Jastina; Antonollio and Rorin.

And the tickets for the 2012 Live Shows have also been released - find out more here but shop around the different ticket sites for the best prices and seats.

First training of Robinita and I already love Anita's attitude. She's looking a little hesitant obviously but elegant for their waltz, those L plates will soon be gone. Robin is adorable.

Robbiola with a cha cha and you can see that Robbie is concentrating very hard to get it right; muscle memory will take over so it's finding the rhythm and flair to go with it. The hair thing is going to run and run ...

Katya, as I thought, has to get Dan to let go - but there is smooth movement there so I'm looking forward to Danya's waltz.

8 days and counting *Whoop*


  1. Seems like two pretty even splits this year actually!

    Bit gutted all my current favs (based purely on personality. May well change after they begin to dance!) are in the same group. Damn!

  2. I thought that, very evenly spaced, based on pre-conceptions! Less than a week!