Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Strictly Come Dancing Line Up Official!

Yes, for once, the rumours appear to be true! Which I'm actually really disappointed about. Not with the celebrities taking part (another good mix) but in that there were no surprises, which is all the fun of the official launch. So thanks, mystery leakage person who couldn't keep your mouth shut. Thanks a lot.

So what do we think? Here's the full listing, with biographies, via the BBC. Who'll be this year's non-dancer who the public will love? Who'll be the pretty princess the judges will love but makes the rest of us yawn? Who will women be falling at the feet of?

I'm not even going with predictions as to who'll be the best/worst, because we all know it all turns around on the first night, when those we deem to be favourites will fall flat and those we're expecting to dislike will win us over. Instead, I'll muse gently on how fantastic to be a tennis player called Lobb and how long it will be before Sir Brucie calls Alex 'Christine'; for which dance the band will manage to adapt 'Anyone Can Fall In Love' for Anita and how many clips we will see of Russell holding out his trousers to show how much weight he's lost (10 stone and counting!) In which show will they wheel out a football joke - aimed at Nancy, not Robbie, who himself will the subject of a Sun Headline: Judges Savage Robbie's Samba. And will Audley have to suffer Bruno's "You're punching above your weight!" or a "Oh, dear, you were out for the count." Can Rory do a passable impression of Fred Astaire and will Lulu be a guest vocalist for Harry's McFly when it's all over? Will Chelsee be allowed near the top of a windy Tower Ballroom tower wearing that thing on her head? Will we be able to remove the image of her with John Major from our heads, when Edwina does the rumba? And how many times will The Press prefix Jason and Holly with 'Ex Neighbours star...' even when the series is into week 10 and WE KNOW already, jeez - they have done other stuff since!

Roll on those partnerships, I've got team names to think of ...


  1. A diverse group - not too many people that stand out to my taste to be honest. I'm looking at Jason Donovan and Harry Judd at the moment, but I'll wait till I've seen them all dance before I judge too harshly :o)

  2. Me too - always hard to call - the pro dancers well brilliant weren't they, great routines!