Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Strictly Come Dancing: First glimpses of training!

The Beeb are releasing training footage of the couples - check out the vids here!

Contrary to initial appearances, Brendulu are working well together and I do think she'll surprise, she's got timing and rhythm, we know that, and the technique from the itsy bitsy piece there looks like it's coming along nicely - cha cha for them.

Rorin with Erin's speciality waltz, Rory looking a little stiff but lovin' his way of remembering the steps - it'll be fun to see who he does for other dances!

Vinwina have cha cha and the one thing you need is confidence, which Edwina has in abundance. She's not self conscious at all and will therefore probably put in a good performance - if she can stop herself being distracted by the lovely Vincent, obviously!

Kristina knows she's got a live one -Jason looking a little too wibbly wobbly in the cha cha at the moment but she'll sort him out - one to watch once he's sharpened it up. We're going to need to see the smile and personality though, Jastina!

Keep an eye out for the rest - except maybe Harry, who apparently had to take a week off due to his previous training stint with Ola.


  1. Only a week and a half to go till we're live Scatty! :o)

    Looks like they could exceed my expectations during the first week. Come on Jastina! :o)

  2. They're all looking good - it'll be interesting to see how their personalities come over, I've a feeling that will be more important than ever this year. Can honestly say I've no favourite at the moment, a few I think will probably do better technically but that doesn't mean they'll get my vote!