Monday, 26 September 2011

Odds on it's the latest Strictly Come Dancing training footage ...

It's Harriona and they're tackling a Cha Cha and for all the "reported" problems *rolls eyes* he's looking pretty good.

And, oh, look, a SHOCK HORROR story the week before the show kicks off - I wonder how long the press have been sitting on that one? Alesha, dopey moo, puts her foot in it, with the revelation that a producer on the show had a bet on her to win (like it wasn't pretty obvious and, what's the betting the 'producer' turns out to be the half sister of the cleaner's auntie Ethel who attended a tour around the Beeb once?)

And I do wish these people would understand once and for all - it's a public vote! Even if said 'producer' threatened everyone else at gun point, they cannot influence who the public votes for! Unless it's far, far deeper than anyone can imagine and the whole lot are in on it and not bothering to count the votes at all, just pleasing themselves! I reiterate again - the winners have always, always been the most popular with the public, if not with the judges.

Of course, there was that slight blip the year Alesha won, when the judges failed to put through the only other contestant who could have nicked it off her ... oh, shut up!

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